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auto-translate The buried torii of the Beppu Foot Inari Shrine The foot of the cowpea was dominated by cattle root castle. The exact age of cattle root foundation is unknown, but it is said to be the mountain castle built by Mr. Ping who lost to Genji. Since then, following the ownership of Kitagane Hyōgo Goro Michiro, Mr. Tsukuba (Mr. Ikebukuro), Honda Kaoru (Tecka) etc., around the astronomical year 215 (1552) the liver cum was the lord . At this time Mr. Lippori was strong with power, tied with Mr. Ichimichi who had dominated tarumi at that time, also known as Sleeping Mr. Likai, a leading influential member of the liver, caused a rebellion against Mr. Shimazu four years (1561), about 13 years I fought a fierce battle over all over. However, Yasuna Bizen Mamoru Kanemori, who kept Beefejong in subordinate with his / her liver, continued to surrender to the castle in the end of the second year of Tenshin (1574). Shimazu Family 16th Yoshihisa who dropped Beef Rooster took control of the subordinate &39;s Ijuin Ryouri Hisamichi (Kujirushi Ijuusho) as the head of Kokubozato. In order to show off Shimazu&39;s authority, Hisamichi has been supposed to establish Inari shrine, which is Shrine of Shimazu. In the "Sangoku Scenic Wild Diagram" edited by the Satsuma domain in the latter part of the Edo era, "Seika Kinmei, September 13th, Tengoshi no kimono, Sekiguchi no Ichiyuin Lochi Yasuukudo, Building Building, Building It looks like it looks like a bill ". It is said that he lost the arrogant there and worshiped it. Although it is said that the God Body was the hanging axis dedicated by Kuwamichi, it is not existed. It is said that Ikebukuro Hisamichi worshiped the ruin, which was in Beef Rojo, and worshiped it. According to the beef shrine book, "The ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth month and the eighth day of the ninth day Kamikura Sansea, Kagura Uchinami Mai shrine four rice two, the family house the roof (Kaayaki), Torii Takakoichi There is a one - size five - dimensional (about 3.7 m), eight from the direction of worship ". However, it is buried by the ash fall of the Sakurajima explosion in 1914, and now this torii dug up to about 1.45 m is present only. Damage to the foot of the cowskin due to the eruption was enormous, and descaling ash of about 90 to 1 | 20 centimeters was deposited in the road field, and the school building of Matsugasaki elementary school, the village office building, and 32 houses were collapsed by the falling lime , I issued many refugees. The buried torii of Beppu Foot Inari Shrine was designated as Tarumizu City Natural Monument in February 2004 as being valuable material to convey the large eruption of Sakurajima to future generations. Mr. Taketoshi Kumaraki, owner of the land, has been trying to improve the surroundings by planting cherry seedlings so far, hoping that it is a precious cultural asset and regional revitalization, but this time Kagoshima prefecture is Heisei Founded in the 23rd year attractive tourist site creation project, we have developed a viewing plaza, a walking path, a parking lot, etc. Until now, it has not been widely known to local residents, but I hope that as a result of this improvement the place of peace of mind of local residents, as a shrine where people gather, will be revived. March 24, Tarumi-shi


auto-translate 别府脚Inari Shrine的埋葬torii豇豆的脚由牛根城堡控制。牛根基的确切年龄是未知的,但据说它是由平先生建造的山下城堡,他失去了源氏。自那时以来,继北海兵器五郎米罗,筑波先生(池袋先生),本田Kaoru(Tecka)等,在天文年度215(1552)周围的所有权,肝暨是主。当时,李波里先生的权力很强大,与当时主宰塔米的先生同名,也就是着名的有影响力的肝脏先生利卡伊先生一起在四年(1561年)引起了对岛津先生的反叛,大约13年我打过一场激烈的战斗。然而,在天成第二年(1574年)结束时,保持Beefejong从属于他的肝脏的Yasuna Bizen Mamoru Kanemori继续向城堡投降。作为Kokubozato的负责人的岛津家族第16名Yoshihisa投下了雄鸡队,控制了下属的Ijuin Ryouri Hisamichi(Kujirushi Ijuusho)。为了炫耀Shimazu的权威,Hisamichi被设想建立Inari神社,这是Shimazu Shrine。在江户后期的萨摩地域编辑的“三国风景野生图”中,“9月13日,Seiko Kinmei,Tengoshi no kimono,Sekiguchi no Ichiyuin Lochi Yasuukudo,Building Building,Building它看起来像一张账单“。据说他在那里失去了傲慢并崇拜它。尽管据说上帝体是桑名所奉献的吊轴,但它并不存在。据说池袋Hisamichi崇拜在Rojo Rojo的废墟,并崇拜它。根据牛肉神社的书籍,“九月九月九日和九日的第九日上仓神山,神乐五神庙四神二米,家庭屋顶(Kaayaki),Torii Takakoichi有一个五维(约3.7米),八个从崇拜的方向“。然而,它被1914年樱岛爆炸的灰烬所掩埋,现在这个鸟居只挖到了约1.45米。由于喷发造成的牛皮脚的伤害是巨大的,并且约90-1×20厘米的除灰灰沉积在道路区域,松崎小学校舍,村办公楼和32栋房屋因倒塌石灰而倒塌,我发出了许多难民。在2004年2月,别府脚稻荷神社的埋葬牌坊被指定为Tarumizu市天然纪念物,是向后代传达樱岛大规模爆发的宝贵材料。土地所有者Taketoshi Kumaraki先生一直在努力通过种植樱桃苗来改善周围环境,希望这是一项珍贵的文化资产和区域振兴,但这次鹿儿岛县是平成我们在第23年吸引人的旅游景点创作项目中创立了观光广场,步行道,停车场等。到目前为止,还没有被当地居民广为人知,但我希望通过这种改善,当地居民的安心之所,作为人们聚集的神社,将会复兴。 3月24日,Tar尾市

 牛根麓は牛根城 を中心に治められていました。牛根城の正確な築城年代は不明ですが、源氏に敗れた平氏が築いた山城とも言われています。それ以後、牛根兵衛五郎道綱建部氏 (池袋氏)、本田薫親 (ただちか)等の所有を経て、天文二十一年(# 1552)頃には肝付兼続 が領主となっていました。このころ肝付氏は勢力が強く、当時垂水を支配していた伊地知氏、同じく肝付の有力豪族である称寝氏 と結び、永禄四年(# 1561)島津氏に反乱を起こし、約十三年にわたって激しい争いをくりひろげました。
 しかし、肝付兼続の部下で牛根城を守っていた安楽備前守兼寛 は、天正二年(# 1574)遂に降伏し城を明け渡します。牛根城を落した島津家第十六代義久は、部下の伊集院魯笑斉久道 (いじゅういんろしょうさいひさみち)を牛根郷の地頭として治めさせました。
 久道は民心を慰撫し島津の権勢を誇示するため、島津氏の氏神である稲荷神社を創建したとされています。江戸時代後期に薩摩藩が編さんした「三国名勝図会 」には、「天正二年甲戌(きのえいぬ、こうじゅつ)九月十三日、地頭伊集院魯笑齋久道、創建せしこと、棟札に見えたり」と記述されています。
 しかし、大正三年(# 1914)の桜島大爆発 の降灰により埋没し、現在は約1・45mまで掘りだしたこの鳥居が現存するのみです。噴火による牛根麓の被害は甚大で、道路田畑には約九〇~一|二〇センチメートルの降石灰が堆積し、松ヶ崎小学校校舎、村役場、民家三十二戸が降石灰により倒壊した他、多くの避難民を出しました。牛根麓稲荷神社の埋没鳥居は、桜島の大噴火を後世に伝える貴重な資料であるとして、平成二十四年二月に垂水市天然記念物 として指定されました。
平成二十四年三月 垂水市


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