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auto-translate Tomb of Izena naiden Izena naiden tomb is the tomb of total jito House ( upstream shizoku ) of islands of Iheya and Izena, Izena.
Mekaru cemetery group in another tomb with its scale and design etc. is a much different turtle Tomb. This tomb was cut into three-sided Hill, made the premises in the cut Saturday, made the area around 660 m 2 in the prefecture's largest turtle tomb it is.
One standout in the tomb of the Okinawa Prefecture in its scale and construction technology, based on thought of Taoism ( Feng Shui ) they are will. Stone stone wall surrounding the grave yard used "my boyfriend loaded', protruding into the corner corner head, reminiscent of senior Samurai mansion wall masonry.
At the entrance, decorated devised by two fundamental and chumon gate, entrance to make the crank ヤナカジ (bad style) directly into the Tomb. To dispose of the materials going into the grave yard through the middle gate, with the funeral left the holes made from stone.
Also, Tomb right in front of the ヒジャイ in the land of God's ( after soil God ) chugushi shrine is seen. Tomb room combining vaulted ceiling, was established 1-shelf wall on both sides of 3-stage, towards the back wall is.
Work emerges where the シルヒラシドゥクル located near the entrance to Chamber (where the remains were enshrined until the dry bones), remove the stone floor and put the coffin decorated.
So this grave internal and external facilities collectible boring things that cannot be seen by others in Okinawa Prefecture is. This tomb is swayed by its appearance in 18th-century style. The turtle Tomb 17 tomb was completed with development spread from southern China century spread to Samurai class and of its own in Okinawa in the 18th century, this tomb is a representative Tomb represents the characteristics.

auto-translate Izena 奈登之墓
Izena 奈登墓是总 jito 房子上游 shizoku) 群岛的伊和 Izena、 Izena 的墓。Mekaru 公墓组中另一个墓以其规模和设计等是很多不同龟墓。
这座陵墓被切成三面山,取得有关处所的切 (星期六),在该省的最大龟墓是取得面积约 660 m 2。在其规模和施工技术的基础在冲绳县的墓中的一个杰出的道教风水),他们是会思想。
石头石头墙围墓地使用"我的男朋友加载 '、 凸入角角头,让人联想到高级武士大厦墙体。在入口处,装饰设计由两个基本的和 chumon 门,入口直接进墓室使曲柄 ヤナカジ (坏的样式)。
走进坟茔穿过中间的门,与葬礼的材料处置左孔作从石头。此外,墓面前的土地神土神) chugushi 神社看到后 ヒジャイ。
拱形的墓室结合上限,成立 1 架墙 3 阶段,走向后墙的两边都是。工作涌现 シルヒラシドゥクル 所在分庭部分 (在这些遗骸已被载入直到干骨) 入口附近、 删除石头地板和放棺材的装饰。
这座陵墓被动摇它在 18 世纪风格的外观。从 18 世纪传播到武士类和其自身在冲绳岛的南部中国世纪传播的发展完成了龟墓 17 墓,这座陵墓是代表墓所表示的特征。

伊是名殿内の墓は、伊是名・伊平屋両島の総地頭家(上流士族)、伊是名家 の墓です。銘苅墓地群の中にあって他の墓とは、その規模・造形ながど大いに異なる亀甲墓 です。


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