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auto-translate Chronicles of the Himeyuri Memorial Tower 3/1945 24 years, towards shimajiri-gun Tamaki minatogawa began bombardment of the U.S. military.
297 girls ' school and Okinawa Shihan women's school and Okinawa Prefecture prefectural first Takahashi official students are by military life as the nursing personnel immediately with haebaru Army hospital work. As intense fighting and the hospital bunker at once overcrowded, and a dramatic increase in the number of wounded soldiers are transported from the previous round, southerly village day bridge, tamagusuku village itokazu also Ward built.
Nurses and students without daylight and night kept nursing wounded soldiers, as long as the power to do.
Night 5/25 Japan army SHURI withdrawal even face-to-face, haebaru Army Hospital critically ill patients leave in Australia and took only the patient can walk hand pulling the shoulder through the shells tear bandages, but moved here sentences Koma Nakijin village as guides. Down South at Headquarters, surgery, and yarn minutes room, Department of surgery and surgery, three divided after the hospital, continued the business.
3rd surgery was in bunkers current Himeyuri Memorial Tower. 6/18 more and more U.S. troops at hand of the nursing Corps was commanded to disband from the Army Hospital. And 19 the next day surgery three moats peep into hell chart picture that condition the gas canisters under enemy attack, and miraculously survived five officials 40 students are arranged pillow rock. Army Division, soldiers, nurses, cooking woman 29 name was fate together six civilians also. Staff students in Australia and the other was wandering in tienchin bunker escape after being cornered by Okinawa's southernmost cliffs cornered, just heard many.
In two-thirds of all students of nursing personnel worked at the Army Hospital in haebaru, accomplished the end. By Kinjo Japanese Shin Mrs. was asking the whereabouts of two daughters living in war third surgery shelter was さがしあて. By true, villagers Himeyuri 4/1946 of the first tower was established on 建ち. み霊 enshrined here dead two hundred students of 16 members of girls ' high school and Okinawa Shihan women's school and Okinawa Prefecture prefectural first Takahashi and Kaori shirayuri boast's mind, the origin of the peace.

Their maiden experience was shedding tears and blood and want to bury in the basement and muted end forever while carving on the rock face hotter than to peace.
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auto-translate 姬百合纪念碑塔的编年史
3/1945年 24 年,朝着 shimajiri 枪 Tamaki 凑川开始美国军方的炮击。297 女孩学校和冲绳韩妇女学校和冲绳县县立第一高桥正式学生是由军事生活作为立即与 haebaru 军队医院工作的护理人员。
作为激烈战斗和医院从上一轮、 南风村天桥、 病房也建造的 tamagusuku 村 itokazu 运送了仓一次过度拥挤和受伤的士兵的人数急剧增加。护士和没有白天和夜晚的学生保持护理受伤的战士,只要做的权力。
晚 5/25 日本军队甚至面对面首里撤出,haebaru 军队医院危重病人留在澳大利亚和花了只有病人可以步行手拉通过贝壳肩泪绷带,但搬到这里句子狛律师事务所今归仁村作为指南。
下来在总部、 外科和纱分钟房间的南方,新闻部的手术和手术,三个医院后, 被划分继续业务。第三次手术是在掩体当前姬百合纪念碑塔。
6/18 更多和更多美国军队手边的军团吩咐要解散从军队医院的护理。19 手术三护城河窥视入地狱图表图片这一条件下敌人的攻击和 40 名学生被奇迹般地存活五官员毒气,第二天安排枕岩。陆军师,士兵,护士,烹饪女人 29 名字也是命运在一起六名平民。在澳大利亚的学生员工和其他徘徊在 tienchin 仓逃跑后被垄断了冲绳岛的最南端绝壁垄断了,只是听到了很多。在三分之二的所有学生的护理人员在军队医院在 haebaru 工作,成功的结束。
由金城日本 Shin 夫人问的两个女儿生活在战争第三次手术住所下落 さがしあて。True,由建ち 建立了第一个塔姬 4/1946年百合的村民。み霊在这里庄严女孩的高中和冲绳韩妇女学校和冲绳县县立第一高桥和香织白百合的夸耀的想法,和平的起源的 16 名成员死亡两百名的学生。他们首次体验脱落的眼泪和鲜血和想要埋葬在地下室和永远同时比对和平的岩脸上雕刻柔和的结束。



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タグ: 沖縄県 糸満市
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タグ: 沖縄県 糸満市
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タグ: 沖縄県 糸満市