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auto-translate Seamount major shikabu Shrine Fukuura Rono Miyakonai On March 28, 2000 Designated Chokaiyama (altitude 2,236 m) is a mountain of faith, which is also called "Dewa Fuji" from its beauty of its mountain, I have worshiped this mountain itself as "the great tragic god". The first appearance in the literature of the great comedy god is "five consecutive worshipers worshiping worshiping war veteran obedience female fifth ranked fifth shogunate shrine minor fifth priest" in the Seiyo Era (838) Yoshihiro 5 (838) It is a description. The Imperial Court ruled the great comrades God to predict important events related to the nation, and, as a fear of rituals, recognized as an awesome god sounding eruptions. In Extended Five Years (927), the Great Depression God became "Nagami Da" ("Yamanashi Nami Book") together with "Tsukiyama God" which is enshrined in Fukiura, and its temple was enhanced to "Second Position" . Currently, Chokaiyama Tribe Shrine Shrine is the centerpiece of Chokaiyama ritual. This shrine is composed of three companies, "Honten Main" at Chokai Mountain Top, and two Riyomiya "Rokka Ronomiya" and "Fukuura Rono Palace". Especially the Fukuura Rono shrine has been called "Binomiya" from the ancient times as the main god of God of Chokai and "Tsukiyama God" of Tsukiyama God. This "Binomiya" is known for the fact that two valuable documents (nation designated designation important cultural assets) showing the aspect of the medieval Toriyama mountain belief are transmitted. Kamakura Banku association Kamakura shogunate magistrate association conscription of the Kamakura shogunate According to the life of Kamakura shogunate enforcement Hujyo Yoshiyuki during the second year of the magistrate&39;s invocation (1220), Mr. Fujiwara and Mr. Sanshi joined together in the North In the letter sent to Mr., it is regarded as the oldest document in Shonai district. In the letter, the construction work of the Binomiya shrine was delayed due to the assassination of Shogun Genji Morning that occurred in the first year of Masaru (1199), but I urge Mr. Northern Eye to New Tomorrow to conduct this promptly . Ken Kitahata Susumu Donation Donation In 135th year of Heisei 13 (1358), Minami Kitahata Senobu confirmed the revival of the world and peace of Ou, Yuri Gunzo Township Yu Tomomura (now Aurita prefecture Yuri Honjo City) " Akanekuni Ichinomiya Big Bodhisattva Bodhisattva "as a document. "Both sides of the Bodhisattva" means the pharmacist Nagarigo which is the main Buddha of the great comic God, and the Amitabha Nyorai of the moon and the mountain god. After entering the Middle Ages, the examinees settled in the vicinity of the foot of Mt. Chokaiyama and formed a trial settlement, and since the early modern era, these became to function as bases of Chokaiyama (climaro). Five bow, three company and one shrine maiden house existed in modern day Fukuura, and the people of these examination households performed the Chokai mountain ritual at the "Binomiya Jinguji Auditorium" (present Fukuura Rono Palace). The annual event of the Shuran experiences that they inherited passed was the separation of the Buddha and Buddhas in the early Meiji Period as "opportunities for shrimp festival" (January 5), "Major Observation Shrine Exception Festival" (May 4 - May), " Tsukiyama shrine festival large festival (Mihama Exit Shrine, Tamakusa Shrine) "(July 14-15), it has been executed as a divine style and has reached today. After passing through Iono torii and Nino Torii in this temple, you will see a hall of worship on your right hand as you approach the approach. It is a magnificent shrine of the 7th arrondissement (about 16.8m) and the Hamamori 5 (about 9.4m). Furthermore, as you climb the stone steps of about one hundred stages, the main halls of "Maekami shrine" and "Tsukiyama shrine" are in line. Mai Hanasaka of "Fukura Tadakura" (Yamagata Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property) is dedicated to the example large festival Shunkyu on May 4th. In Shunkyu, the flowers are colored with flowers of Yamabuki and Yaezakura, but in the 5th Festival, vivid red flowers are used for decoration. Thus, this precinct is an important historical site that conveys the history and culture of Chokaiyama faith, from ancient times to modern times. Guide map inside Yusei-machi Board of Education National Designation Historic Site Chokaiyama --- ShrineIchinomiya Yokikeuchiuchi Shinku Shrine


auto-translate 海山主要shikabu Shrine Fukuura Rono Miyakonai 2000年3月28日指定的Chokaiyama(海拔2,236米)是一座信仰之山,从它的山脉之美也被称为“Dewa Fuji”,我把这座山本身称为“伟大的悲剧之神”。伟大的喜剧神的文学中的第一次出现是“在崇义时代(838)Yoshihiro 5(838)崇拜崇拜退伍军人服从女性第五排名第五幕府神社第五牧师”的五个连续崇拜者这是一个描述。皇家法院裁定伟大的同志上帝预测与国家有关的重要事件,并且,作为对仪式的恐惧,被认为是一个令人敬畏的神发出火山爆发。在延长的五年(927年),大萧条上帝与Fukiura一起奉献的“Tsukiyama God”一起变成了“Nagami Da”(“Yamanashi Nami Book”),其寺庙被提升为“第二位” 。目前,Chokaiyama Tribe Shrine Shrine是Chokaiyama仪式的核心。这座神社由Chokai Mountain Top的三家公司“Honten Main”和两个Riyomiya“Rokka Ronomiya”和“Fukuura Rono Palace”组成。特别是Fukuura Rono神社从古代被称为“Binomiya”,作为Chokai的主神和Tsukiyama God的“Tsukiyama God”。这个“Binomiya”以两个有价值的文件(国家指定名称重要的文化遗产)被传播,这些文件显示了中世纪鸟山信仰的方面。镰仓Banku协会镰仓幕府县长协会征兵镰仓幕府根据镰仓幕府执法Hujyo Yoshiyuki在执行官(1220年)的第二年的生活,藤原先生和三石先生在北方联合起来在寄给先生的信中,它被认为是庄内地区最古老的文件。在信中,由于在Masaru(1199)的第一年发生了Shogun Genji Morning的暗杀,Binomiya神社的建设工作被推迟了,但是我敦促北眼先生到新明天进行这项工作。其意图。 Ken Kitahata Susumu捐赠捐款在平成13年(1358年)的第135年,Minami Kitahata Senobu证实了世界的复兴和Ou,Yuri Gunzo Township Yu Tomomura(现在的Aurita县Yuri Honjo City)的和平“ Akanekuni Ichinomiya Big Bodhisattva Bodhisattva“作为文件。 “菩萨的两面”是指药剂师Nagarigo,它是伟大的喜剧神的主要佛像,以及月亮和山神的阿弥陀佛Nyorai。进入中世纪后,考生们定居在Chokaiyama山脚下,并形成了一个试验定居点,从现代早期开始,这些作为Chokaiyama(climaro)的基地。在现代的福浦,有五个弓,三个公司和一个神社少女屋,这些检查户的人们在“Binomiya Jinguji礼堂”(现在的福仓龙宫)进行了Chokai山仪式。他们继承的Shuran经历的年度活动是明治初期佛陀和佛像的分离,作为“虾节的机会”(1月5日),“主要观察神社例外节”(5月4日至5月), Tsukiyama神社节日大型节日(美浜出口神社,玉子神社)“(7月14日至15日),作为神圣的风格被执行,并且到了今天。在这座寺庙中经过Iono torii和Nino Torii之后,当您接近进近时,您将在右手边看到一个礼拜堂。它是第7区(约16.8米)和Hamamori 5(约9.4米)的宏伟圣地。此外,当您攀登大约一百个阶段的石阶时,“Maekami神社”和“Tsukiyama神社”的主要大厅排成一列。 “Fukura Tadakura”(山形县指定的无形民俗文化财产)的Mai Hanasaka将于5月4日举办大型节日Shunkyu。在Shunkyu,鲜花用Yamabuki和Yaezakura的花朵着色,但在第5节,鲜艳的红色花朵用于装饰。因此,这个区域是一个重要的历史遗址,传达了从远古时代到现代的Chokaiyama信仰的历史和文化。 Yusei-machi教育委员会国家指定历史遗址Chokaiyama --- Shrine内的导游地图Ichinomiya Yokikeuchiuchi Shinku Shrine

鳥海山大物忌神社 吹浦ロノ宮境内
   平成二十年三月二十八日 指定
より、人々はこの山そのものを「大物忌神 」として崇めてきた。大物忌神の文献上の初出は、
続日本後紀 』の承和五年(838) 五月十一日条「奉授出羽国従五位勲五等大物忌神正五位下」という記述で
れてきた。この「両所宮」には、中世の鳥海山信仰の様態を示す貴重なふたつの文書(いずれも国指定重要文化財 )
かまくらばくふぶぎょうにん れんしょ ほうしょ

一 鎌倉幕府奉行人連署奉書
生した将軍源実朝 の暗殺事件の影響で両所宮の社殿の造営作業が遅滞したが、これを速やかに行う
二 北畠顕信 寄進状
書である。「両所大菩薩」とは、大物忌神の本地仏にあたる薬師如来 と、同じく月山神の阿弥陀如来

らが継承してきた修験道 の年中行事は明治初期の神仏分離を契機に、「管粥神事」(一月五日)、「大物忌
神社例大祭」(五月四・五日)、「月山神社例大祭(御浜出神事・玉酒神事)」(七月十四・十五日) とし
形県指定無形民俗文化財 )の花笠舞が奉納される。宵宮においては花笠を山吹や八重桜の生花で彩るが、



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