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auto-translate Shintoh and History This Shintoto is a reflection of the blue surface of King Gogo, and it is a religious event that has long been known to this region. The old faith of China later that she does not sleep alone while sleeping overnight because the human beings will die quickly if the perpetrator of the person&39;s sins rises to the emperor and falls away from the human body and sleeps while the person is sleeping The temple, which has been transmitted to Japan along with Taoism and learned together with Dosojin in various places, is one hundred seventy-one years ago, that is, on the third road of the east seventy-six-year road that spans six years. Since its inception, the Shiho Shizuka, who has long been known as Shisha Shizuka and has a vow of great mercy, has been well-respected, and has been worshiped for three hundred seventy-seven years since its opening in 2 years. Locally for the repair, ie near the water shrine In addition to being free from illness and illness, the road organization is a road safety general, and also a conqueror who holds down as a guardian god to overthrow the plague disease. It is a reason. -Showa 46-6 Jichi Jiichi, Sabae City, Izumi Kami Koen Aiki Ichi Chijo Koen A (The inscription is on the side of Shinichi Izumi, 8013 Izumi Isen, and there is a bus stop Tamagawa Housing South Entrance The block tower is placed at the entrance to the Tamagawa monument and the block towers are given to the block to save the lock and remove the blocks several years ago. The city was stolen several years ago, and several decades ago Ikuta Kawasaki city north side of the university building. The owner of the land was discovered by Mr. Yoshikawa Ishimatsu of the land during the paddy field. In the name of the side of the tower, the city of Wushu and Tamasame Setagaya contacted the author&39;s house, and the author traced the record and handed over the photo during the class. After passing a half year old, it is stolen again and anyone searching for Hago can not find anyone and it is possible to pass a half yearly city, I am happy to see that there is a stone-like thing in the city Kosubachi Shinodaido byogawa irrigated in the city. Take a report with a report from Mr. Kazuo with delight during the lecture Further discover a statue of a grandchild near Odaibashi and fear theft since take over Iron The fence has been added and it has been saved by the road improvement as described in the history as it has been tried to preserve it.) By the way, Tonotsuka has a tall hill after ancient burial meditation and loses its shape at the time of the establishment of water for Rokugo. In addition, many of the people who have been in the temple since they have settled down in this place and become the guardian deity of the village and all become residents of the fort and attract passersby from the other. It was a place where the world is known, and since then I saw the crowds of the staff. In order to clarify the right of the end of the prosperity that is prosperous and extremely prosperous as it is being offered, it is necessary to share with the readers of supplementary magazines. June 5th November


auto-translate 神道和历史这个Shintoto反映了Gogo国王的蓝色表面,这是一个长期以来一直为该地区所知的宗教活动。中国的旧信仰后来,她一夜之间没有独自睡觉,因为如果这个人的罪行的肇事者上升到皇帝并且在人睡觉时从人体身上掉下来睡觉,人类将很快死去这个寺庙已经与道教一起传到日本,并与道索金一起在不同的地方学习,是一百七十一年前,也就是六年六年东七十六年道路的第三条道路。长岛Shizuka自成立以来,长期以来被称为Shisha Shizuka,并有一个誓言的誓言,一直受到尊重,自2年开放以来已经被崇拜了377年。当地修理,即靠近水神社道路组织除了免于疾病和疾病之外,还是一个道路安全大将,也是一个作为监护神推翻瘟疫疾病的征服者。这是一个原因。 -Showa 46-6 Jichi Jiichi,Sabae City,Izumi Kami Koen Aiki Ichi Chijo Koen A(题字在Shinichi Izumi一侧,8013 Izumi Isen,并且有一个公共汽车站Tamagawa Housing South Entrance几座砖塔被放置在多摩川纪念碑的入口处,几百年前,这座城楼被用于拯救地块和拆除街区。这座城市几年前被盗,而几十年前,Ikuta Kawasaki市就在大学建筑的北侧。该土地的所有者是由稻田的Yoshikawa Ishimatsu先生发现的。在塔的一侧,武术城和Tamasame Setagaya联系了作者的房子,作者在课堂上追踪了记录并交出了照片。经过一个半岁的时候,它再次被盗,任何寻找Hago的人都找不到任何人,有可能通过一个半年的城市,我很高兴看到城市Kosubachi Shinodaido byogawa shimizu有一块石头般的东西在讲座期间带着喜爱的Kazuo先生的报告进行报告进一步发现在Odaibashi附近的孙子的雕像并且因为接管Iron而害怕被盗围栏已被添加,它已经被历史所描述的道路改善所保存,因为它已经试图保护它。)顺便说一下,Tonotsuka在古代埋葬后有一座高大的山丘,并且在为Rokugo建立水的时候失去了它的形状。此外,许多在寺庙定居的人,自从他们在这个地方定居下来,成为村里的守护神,都成为了堡垒的居民,吸引了另一方的路人。这是一个世界闻名的地方,从那时起,我看到了众多的工作人员。为了澄清在提供繁荣和极度繁荣的繁荣结束的权利时,有必要与补充杂志的读者分享。 11月5日

この庚申塔青面金剛 を現わしたもので古くからこの地方に伝わる信仰行事で庚申待講というこれは庚申の
う中国の古い信仰が後に道教と共に日本に伝わり各地に漫廷し道祖神 と共に習合したものである当庚申塔は今
を去る百七十一年前即ち寛政 六年当所を距る東方七十米の道路の三又路にあり古来から庚申塚 として名あり
生済度の大慈悲の誓願を持ち深く信仰されていた今般庚申塚は慶長 二年開業以来三百七十有三年の間漕滅用人
として親しまれた六郷用水 は埋立てられ道路改修のため現地即ち水神社傍に遷座し以て無病息災と併せて道組
- 昭和四十六幸亥年六月吉祥日狛江市和泉上講中一同石井千城謹婚A書



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