シロナガスクジラ Blue whale



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Balaenoptera muscjlus (Linnaeus, 1758) Blue whale is the largest animal that lives on. Kasuri's sleek elongated body, small back Bire, gray in English is known as the blue whale ALE, characterized by pattern. Spent in the warm winter to breed is the distribution of the northern and southern hemispheres except the Equatorial oceans, sea, summer is the migration into the cold sea. In food, such as krill main body length about 5 cm and eats flock to mass koshito in sea water by prospective maxillary kujirahighe me. Giving birth is 2 ~ 3 years each, born children of about 7 meters in length. To capture completely forbidden in 1966, at the beginning of the 20 century was 200000 head over only in Antarctic waters and said it has decreased.
Now that said 10000 heads all over the world, heavily protected by international treaty.

This mockup finished the take a deep breath in deep length 30 m, weight 150-ton female adult blue whale rapidly floating anyway so far beneath the waves and it is.

auto-translate 蓝鲸蓝鲸
长须 muscjlus (马鹿、 1758 年)

蓝鲸是最大的动物,生活在。卡苏里的圆滑身体细长,小回鼓动起来,灰色在英语中被称为蓝鲸啤酒,模式的特点。在温暖的冬天度过繁殖,是除了赤道海洋,海洋、 夏南北半球的分布是迁移到冰冷的海水。在食物,如磷虾主要体长约 5 厘米和吃蜂拥而至海中的大规模 koshito 水通过前瞻性的上颌 kujirahighe 我。分娩是 2 ~ 3 年,每个出生儿童约 7 米的长度。要捕获完全禁止在 1966 年,在起点 20 世纪结束了 200000 的头,只在南极海域并说它已经减少。现在,说世界各地的 10000 头,很大程度受保护的国际条约。
此样机完成采取纵深长度 30 米,体重 150 吨女性成年蓝鲸迅速浮反正到目前为止在波涛中的深吸一口气,它是。

シロナガスクジラ Blue whale
Balaenoptera muscjlus(Linnaeus,1758)

 この実物大模型 は、体長30メートル、体重約150トンのメスのおとなのシロナガスクジラが、深海での深呼吸を終えて急速に浮かく潜ろうとしているところです。


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