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auto-translate Historical Musashi Fuchu Kumano shrine old Tomb
National historic site

Musashifuchu-Kumanojinja at the Shrine Tomb
Overview of the Musashi Fuchu Kumano shrine old Tomb
♦ on the 円下 some of the Asuka period It is on 円下 some on this tomb was constructed during the Asuka period in the mid-7th century, round and square bottom. In half-spherical dome of heaven in ancient China, and believed the Earth square.
This idea is known as the celestial circle local, is constructed as a background such as cosmology and philosophy and thought.
♦ Center line of direction is geared around 7 degrees west of true North, but was conscious direction before the construction of the tombs is thought.
♦ size of the mounds Is the size of the mound on the 3rd circle diameter approximately 16 m, one side of the lower part of the second-stage approx. 23 m, 32 m on one side of the lower part of the first stage measures. The height of the mound, on top of mounds of about 6 m.
Fit in the center of the room at the end of the Chamber (Sen) the center of the entire mound was designed.
♦ the buried person Considered from the high quality that Musashi Fuchu Kumano shrines tombs fewer unprecedented nationwide 上円下方 burial mound in the form of burial mounds and burial of the burial ' (who was buried) was probably in the elite Dongkuk.

Unfortunately other people wrote the name in literature of the time and recording the tombs excavated are not known.
Mounds of preservation and development
♦ protection of the ruins Backfill to save mounds of the first native kofuns will not be broken, drilled into the Chamber (CAMA) and research purposes, reinforcing, remains protected.
In addition to that on the soil surface, protective layer to ensure the Tomb restoration project.
♦ reconstruction maintenance of burial mounds Close to the castle originally had in attempting to restore. Restoring native kofuns equal-height is the height of the size of the tombs of the first lower division and burial mound at the Summit, but on the surface to protect remains the size of the lower part of the circle diameter and the second actually excavated, about 1 m is greater than.

Ashlar pair restored the Chamber entrance (Dromos section) to protect under the ruins built 2 m forward than it actually is.
Precious artifacts
♦ sheath bottom bracket Scabbard butt fittings (hardware to the ends of the sheath of a sword) found in the Chamber are named pattern in silver in ingots of iron. Inclusion statement composed Yen seven-sentence (digits) in this pattern. Inclusion statement is only seen the first coins were made at the same time "fuhonsen" to the other as artifacts not seen at all on the domestic and international. Will be considered in ancient Chinese thought is also an inclusion statement, was taken as the most recent culture in Japan at that time.


auto-translate 历史的武藏府中野祠古墓
Musashifuchu-Kumanojinja 祠墓

♦ 在円下上的一些飞鸟时代
它是对一些对这座陵墓建成在阿苏卡期间,在 7 世纪中叶,圆和正方形底部的円下。 在半球形穹顶的天堂在古代中国,并认为地球平方米。 这种想法被称为天体圈子地方,是构造作为宇宙学、 哲学等学科背景和思想。
♦ 中心线的方向针对真正的北方,西部 7 度左右,但之前建设的墓被认为是意识的指导。
♦ 大小的堆
是土墩上第三圆直径约 16 米,一侧的第二阶段约 23 米,32 米一侧的第一阶段措施的下半部分的较低部分的大小。 丘,最高处约 6 米的高度。 适合在末尾室 (Sen) 的整个土墩中心的设计房间的中心。
♦ 埋人
从高质量考虑武藏府中野佛龛墓少前所未有全国上円下方坟冢和埋葬埋葬形式 ' (埋的是谁) 可能已被精英东国制钢。 不幸的是其他人的名字写在文学的时间和记录发掘的墓葬都不知道。

♦ 保护的废墟
回填土,保存成堆的第一个本机 kofuns 不会中断,钻入室 (CAMA) 和研究的目的,加强,仍然受到保护。 此外,在土壤表面,保护层,以确保墓修复工程。
♦ 重建维护的坟冢
接近城堡原本在尝试还原。 还原本机 kofuns 平等高度是第一次的低级别联赛的墓葬的大小的高度和古墓在首脑会议,但是,表面上保护仍圆直径的下半部分的大小实际上出土,第二个约 1 m 是大于。 方石双建 2 m 向前比它实际上是废墟下恢复室入口 (根节) 来保护。

♦ 鞘底部支架
刀鞘对接配件 (硬件的一把剑鞘两端) 发现在会议厅命名模式中的铁锭银。 列入声明组成日元七句 (数字) 在这种模式。 只看到列入声明第一枚硬币上作了"fuhonsen"同一时间,另一个为工件不都见不上国内和国际。 将考虑在中国古代思想也列入语句,在当时被视为日本最新的文化。

国史跡 武蔵府中熊野神社古墳
National historic site
Musashifuchu-Kumanojinja Shrine Tomb





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