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auto-translate Mikuni Highway Wakimotojin Site, a historic site of lagoon Mikuni Highway The Ikeda Family Mikuni Highway is a trunk line of the Edo period that connects Edo and Echigo. was there. Asagai, Nii, and Mimata, which were called Mikuni Mishuku, also had headquarters and wholesalers, but most of them were lost and the only remains of the Ikeda family at that time were the buildings of the Ikeda family. At that time, the Ikeda clan was a Wakihonjin of Mitsumata-juku, a lodging facility for various daimyo and magistrates, and a wealthy family who also served as a wholesaler. The main house facing the road is a two-story building with a gabled stone-roofed thatched roof with 10 girders (about 18M) and beams (about 11M). It is a living room. The overall structure is solid with thick wood and a high ceiling. Especially, the guest rooms are made of Shoin-zukuri with the Shoin floor shelves in the guest rooms. You can see the personality. In the living room, there is a luggage unloading area, a tea room, a kitchen, a mizuya, etc., and in the inner garden there is a pond called "Tanae" for fire and snow extinguishing. This building is extremely valuable as a relic that conveys the mechanism of the main camp and wholesaler of the post station in the Edo period. February 10, 1954 Designated by the Niigata Prefectural Board of Education


auto-translate 三国公路胁本神遗址,泻湖县的历史遗迹 池田家三国公路是连接江户和越后的江户时代的干线。被称为三国美宿的浅井、新井和三俣也有总部和批发商,但大部分都已失传,当时池田家唯一的遗迹就是池田家的建筑。当时的池田家是三俣宿的胁本人,是各种大名和知县的住宿设施,也是兼作批发商的富家。临马路的主屋是一栋二层楼房,有10根大梁(约18M)和横梁(约11M)的山墙石顶茅草屋顶,是一间客厅。整体结构坚固,木质厚实,天花板很高,特别是客房采用松阴造,客房内设有松阴地板架子,可以看出个性。客厅内有行李卸货区、茶室、厨房、水屋等,内花园有一个名为“田苗”的池塘,用于灭火和除雪。这座建筑作为传达江户时代主要营地和邮局批发商的机制的遗物非常有价值。 1954 年 2 月 10 日 新泻县教育委员会指定

新潟県文化財 史跡 三国街道脇本陣跡 池田家

 三国街道 は、 江戸越後 をむすぶ 江戸時代 の幹線路で、諸大名の 参勤交替 をはじめ人馬や物資の往来がさかんで、街道ぞいに多くの 宿場 があった。 三国三宿 とよばれた浅貝、二居、三俣にも本陣、問屋などがあったが、ほとんど失われて当時の遺構としては、この池田家の建物だけとなった。
 池田家は、当時 三俣宿 の脇本陣として、諸大名、奉行代官等の宿所であり、 問屋 業も兼ねた豪家であった。道路に面した主家は、桁行10間(約18M)梁間(約11M)の切妻造リ石置木羽葺屋根の2階建で、内部は、向って左側の6室が客室部その他が居室部である。
 全体的に木割が太く、天井の高い堅牢な造りで、特に客室は、上段の間、客室に書院床棚などをそろえた 書院造り で.水墨の襖絵透彫の欄間、釘隠しなどに本陣の風格がうかがわれる。

昭和29年2月10日 新潟県教育委員会 指定


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