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auto-translate About the river water park Hanakawa&39;s name is in the folk tale of "Nayo (legend) is cherry blossoms", the shadow of which reaches Zenkoji when the Asahi makes it, and the petals of the rice field when the sunset makes it reach the Kakuhyo Pass. There is a legend that there was a large cherry tree near Hanakawa that could not be prepared for seedlings, and it is said that it was named after that. Also known as "Aizengawa", a beautiful girl raised in Kyoto and a local young man fell in love with each other in a small folk tale, and eventually became hungry. There is a legend of a tragic love that one rainy day, the two of them held hands and threw themselves into Hanakawa. The railroad crossing of the Shinano Railway (former Shin-Etsu Line) near Hanakawa is the "Aizen River railroad crossing". As the poem of Komoro Hakkei says "Yuzumi of Fujimi no Saka, the firefly of Hanakawabashi", and in the poem of Komoro, "Fujimi no Saka, the famous firefly of Hanakawa" is written. In the olden days, it was a famous place for fireflies and was counted as a scenic spot as a place to cool down. Hanakawa is formed by the confluence of Benten, Doi, and Sawara Shimizu, which are registered in various cadastrals, and Mizujiri, which is located further upstream. It is designated as a river for quasi-use. Hanakawa Water Park was constructed as a national subsidy project from 1993 to 1995, and a bridge was constructed in the middle of 2002, and the land cost was 101.3 million yen. It took. Since 1997, volunteers in the ward have been cleaning rivers and planting cherry trees, and in 1999, the "Hanakawa Lovers Association" was established to clean and mow the grass once a month. The "Sakura no Kai" formed by women is mainly responsible for the management of flower beds. In March of this year (Heisei 31), it was certified as "Komoro Furusato Heritage" as "Three major cherry blossom viewing spots in Shinmachi" by the Komoro City Board of Education. As a place to grill dondo in the New Year, cherry blossom viewing in the spring, autumn leaves in the fall, as a walking course for local people throughout the year, as a walking course for nursery school children, as a club activity training course for junior high school students It is being used. August of the first year of Reiwa (2019) Shinmachi Ward, a society that protects historical heritage, a society that loves Hanakawa, a society of Sakura


auto-translate 关于河水公园 花川的名字来自于“Nayo(传说)是樱花”的民间故事,朝日的时候,它的影子到达善光寺,日落时的稻田的花瓣到达Kakuhyo传闻花川附近有一棵大樱桃树,不能育苗,相传因此得名。又名“相染川”,一个在京都长大的美少女和当地的小伙子,在一个民间小故事中相爱,最终饿了。有一段凄美的爱情传说,一个下雨天,两人他们中的一个人手拉着手,投身于花川。花川附近的信浓铁道(旧信越线)的铁路道口是“蓝染川道口”。小诸八景的诗中有“花川桥的萤火虫藤见坂之泉”,小诸的诗中写着“花川的萤火虫藤见坂”。萤火虫的栖息地,被算作避暑胜地。花川由在各种地籍登记的弁天、土井、佐原清水与更上游的水尻汇合而成,被指定为准利用河流。花川水上乐园于1993年至1995年作为国家补助项目建设,2002年中期建造了一座桥梁,土地成本为1.013亿日元。从1997年起,病房里的志愿者就开始清理河流和种植樱花树,1999年成立了“花川恋人协会”,每月清理一次草。由女性组成的“樱花界”主要负责花坛的管理。今年3月(平成31年),被小诸市教育委员会认定为“新町三大赏樱胜地”的“小诸故乡遗产”。新年烤dondo的地方,春天的樱花,秋天的红叶,一年四季当地人的步行路线,托儿所的步行路线,俱乐部活动培训课程初中生 正在使用中。令和元年八月(2019)新町区,保护历史遗产的社会,爱花川的社会,樱花的社会


 花川 の名前は、「名代(名伝)が桜」という小諸の民話の中に、 朝日がさせばその影は 善光寺 まで、夕日がさせば 確氷峠 までとどき その花びらが田んぼにたまって、苗代の用意ができないほどの の大木が、花川の近くにあったという言い伝えがあり、そこから名づけられたと言われています。

 別名「 愛染川 」とも言われ、これも小諸の民話の中に、京育ちの美しい娘と地元の若者が恋に落ち、やがてお腹も大きくなりましたが、「いくら気立てがよくても、あの白魚のような手では百姓はできない」と悩み続け、ある雨の日、思い余って二人は手をとりあって花川へ身を投じたという悲恋の言い伝えがあります。花川の近くにある しなの鉄道 (元 信越線 )の踏切は「愛染川踏切」となっています。

 小諸八景 の詩のなかに「富士見の坂の夕すずみ、花川橋のほたるかり」、 小諸唱歌 のなかに「あれに見ゆる富士見坂、蛍の名所の花川も」と詠われているように、昔は の名所であり、納涼の場として景勝地に数えられていました。
 花川は、諸地籍にある弁天・土井・さわらの清水と、さらに上流にある田用水尻が合流して成しており、長さは、滝原の下孫藤から千曲川まで約2.6kmあり、 準用河川 に指定されています。





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