C11 322号機のあらまし



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auto-translate 11 322 unit outline
● production date 0/1946.
-Manufacturing Association, Japan vehicle co., Ltd.

-When the weight water-coal-laden 65 t empty when 55 t
This locomotive is new products, after Jnr local lines stretched Japan was assigned to Takasaki 1st District organization, was devastated after the war, reconstruction in Gunma prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture, etc., to transport personnel and cargo transport.
Demonstrated competence, hamagawa Kawasaki authority district of Kanagawa Prefecture and moved, Yokohama line, etc. worked as dedicated freight locomotives and, 0/1961 was assigned to the Japanese national railways Omiya factory as a locomotive for shunting, since in the Omiya factory unpowered vehicles with tow vehicle for repairs on contestants ' premises commissioning for, can have enough.

Dropped Tuesday to determine railway 10/1968, SL discontinued policy and at the same time, exhibited in the city's East behind no. 1 Park from 1/29/1970, then 0/2000 may enter repair, more 8/28 this is exhibited in the murmuring Park. Konosu City urban development, city planning Park Division

auto-translate 11 322 股大纲

● 生产日期 0/1946年。
-重量水煤满载 65 t 当空时 55 t

这台机车是新产品,打破本地线拉伸后日本被分配到高崎 1 区组织,悲痛欲绝后战争、 重建在群马县和枥木县、 运输人员和货物运输等。
展示能力,神奈川县滨川川崎管理局区和移动,横浜线等担任专用的货运机车和 0/1961年被分配到日本全国铁路大宫工厂作为机车调车,因为大宫工厂无动力的车与拖车车辆维修调试,参赛者的处所可以有足够的金钱。
下降周二确定铁路 10/1968年,SL 终止政策,同时也表现在东城背后号 1 公园从 1970/1/29,然后是 0/2000年可能输入修复,更多 8/28 这在窃窃私语公园展出。

高洲市城市发展、 城市规划公园司

C11 322号機のあらまし

● 製造年月 昭和21年
● 製造会社 日本車輛株式会社
● 重   量 水・石炭を積んだとき 65t  空のとき 55t

 この機関車 は新製後、高崎第一機関区に配属され、戦後、荒廃した日本の復興に群馬県・栃木県等に伸びている国鉄ローカル線を走り、人員輸送と貨物輸送に当たった。

 鴻巣市都市整備部 都市計画課 公園係


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