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auto-translate Furusato sights Mt. Oshima Old is Miyake Mountain, which was written in the Manyoshu collection and is now regarded as Mikamo Mountain Park. On this northerly slope there is a "Katakuri no Sato", from the middle of March to the beginning of April, the large communities of bamboo blossoms bloom and flowers are blooming and the vicinity is lightly colored. Kasuga Okayama Sojoji Temple familiar to the name of Daishi is a name that can be counted as one of the Kanto Sangyo Dynasties and is crowded with numerous worshipers throughout the year. Toshogu Shrine, also known as Tokugawa Ieyasu, located in the precincts is also known as an impressive monument (sculpture). Outbound Base Benten Pond The riverbank Benten pond was selected as "Japan&39;s famous 100 water selections" as a rich spring spring pond where the dense Iso-san is reflected on the surface of the water. The view from the Besso Hyde, which is built in the mountain pole, is wonderful, and the banks of the pond are a place for citizens to relax. Shozo Tanaka Old home A great local folk who resigned from the delegation to rescue the residents who suffered from the damage in case of Ashio copper mine said to be the origin of pollution in our country. I am surprised at the half-life of fake, it is getting warm. Near the old house, there is a tomb of an ecclesiastic couple. Karasawayama Karasawayama is the place where there was a castle of Fujiwara Hideno famous for hurting Primord Gate, about a thousand years ago, full of history and legendary romance. The view from "Tengu rock" which was used as a watchman at that time is exquisite and can overlook the Kanto plain. Shimanto Minami no Mi na na na na Sakuhashi Children who have a chest Which is beautiful like a small narana in the mountains of Shimonoseki in Shimono, who is a wife and a rice dish Will it have a vessel, etc. "Manyoshu Toago" Water, Green and Manyoha&39;s City Sano City is one of the famous water hakutohara Benten ponds, Watarase River festival, famous for its long legend of Fujiwara Hideyoshi Tang Lots of scenic places surrounded by Mt. It is famous for traditional craftworks such as Tenmei castings, hina dolls, battleships, and Sano Ramen, including old textiles that remain in the records of the Heian era. Sano City, 70 km to the capital Tokyo and 40 km to the prefectural capital Utsunomiya, also visits from the outside of the city many people, especially the Sōsho Horoscope Festival, New Year &39;s Day Festival of the Troubled Daughter, Katakuri no Sato at the foot of Mikusan Mountain, A lot of people gather and bustle from.


auto-translate Furusato景点Mt. Oshima Old是Miyake Mountain,它是在Manyoshu系列中编写的,现在被视为Mikamo Mountain Park。在这个偏僻的山坡上,有一个“Katakuri no Sato”,从3月中旬到4月初,大片的竹子开花,鲜花盛开,附近颜色浅。对大石这个名字很熟悉的春日冈山大寺是一个可以算作关东三国时代之一的名字,全年都挤满了无数的信徒。 Toshogu Shrine,也被称为Tokugawa Ieyasu,位于该区域,也被称为令人印象深刻的纪念碑(雕塑)。出境基地Benten Pond河岸Benten池塘被选为“日本着名的100个水选择”,作为一个丰富的春季池塘,在那里密集的Iso-san反映在水面上。山形海德拥抱的山形海景是美妙的,池塘的岸边是市民放松的地方。 Shozo Tanaka Old home一位伟大的当地民众,他们辞去代表团的职务,拯救遭遇Ashio铜矿损坏的居民,据说这是我国污染的根源。我对假的半衰期感到惊讶,它变暖了。在老房子附近,有一对教会夫妇的坟墓。 Karasawayama Karasawayama是一个有着一座名为Fujiwara Hideno的城堡的地方,这座城堡以伤害Primord Gate而闻名,大约一千年前,充满了历史和传奇的浪漫。当时作为守望者使用的“天狗岩”的观点很精致,可以俯瞰关东平原。 Shimanto Minami no Mi na na na na Sakuhashi有一个胸部的孩子在下野的下关山区像小narana一样美丽,是妻子和饭菜是否有船只等。“Manyoshu Toago”水,绿和Manyoha的城市佐野市是着名的水hakutohara Benten Ponds,Watarase河节,以其藤原秀吉的长传说而闻名周围有很多风景优美的地方。它以传统工艺品而闻名,如天美铸件,希娜娃娃,战列舰和佐野拉面,包括留在平安时代记录中的旧纺织品。佐野市距离首都东京70公里,距县府首都宇都宫40公里,也有很多人参观城外,特别是Sōsho星座节,残疾女儿元旦节,Mikusan山脚下的Katakuri no Sato,很多人聚集在一起。

 古くは、万葉集に詠まれ、今は、みかも山公園 として位置づけられた三毳山。この北斜面には「かたくりの里 」があり3月中旬から4月上旬にかけカタクリの大群落が花を咲かせ、付近を薄紫一色にそめあげます。

 佐野厄よけ大師の名で親しまれる春日岡山惣宗寺 は、関東三大師 のひとつに数えられる名利で、年間を通し数多くの参拝客でにぎわっています。また境内にある、徳川家康ゆかりの東照宮 は、みごとな建造物(彫刻 )として知られています。

 緑濃い磯山を水面に映す豊かな湧水池として「日本名水百選 」に選ばれた出流原弁天池。山懐に抱かれて建つ弁財天堂からの眺めはすばらしく、池のほとりは市民の憩いの場となっています。

 わが国の公害の原点といわれる足尾銅山鉱毒事件 で、その被害に苦しむ住民救済のために代議士を辞めて天皇に直訴した郷土の偉人。正造の半生をしのぶ、よすがとなっています。旧宅の近くには、正造夫婦の墓があります。

 唐沢山は今からおよそ千年の昔、平将門を討ったことで有名な藤原秀郷 の居城のあったところで、歴史と伝説のロマンにあふれています。当時見張り台として使われていた「天狗岩」からの展望はまさに絶品で関東平野を一望できます。

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