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auto-translate Cherry Maple, monument (color of oufuu day)
Kawaji toshiakira NARA magistrate who served 5 years between bakumatsu 0/1846 (1846) and 0/1851 (1851) (or readily as Akira) a rule with its insight into residents ' deeply held in high esteem. This monument in monument at one end in his cherry and Maple saplings several thousand shares kohfukuji both, the University of Tokyo, mainly South an urna Saho River Crest until planted during.
And attachment to the natural scenery of Nara were donated to seedlings of many residents, nor the sharpness of its visionary grasping, called for future generations who is as a lesson of Nara Park admiration as well.

Still he in Osaka magistrate foreign magistrate and curtain weight without 3/15/1868 (1868 0/1868) to Edo Castle and 自尽, perished in the shogunate administration.

Planting cherry Maple, monument Neiraku capital and few fires than the old. Millennium issue with this etsuo (installation) were majestically still, to Siam to mention is not. Does not exist (it), Yamato was tenson start date and 地nari. Therefore God is either to Ichigo Yuki, is taking. And sat wode, people Jao, the j. old customs, every (tsune) arrive to 良辰 scraper, all capital person 榼 (a) play in the two major "monasteries" in 挈 (and) raise Kofuku-Tokyo, straw mat kneeling seats in the corner, happy (because) blot 遨 (ASO) and, they (had) to joy, indeed hammer soil more than wind, Pacific Music thing and. Come upon the far to sightseeing cruise is also from senri, everything. Therefore two many "monasteries" Chia tree rare flower. Then 1763 during the thousand shares of Sakura planting may not be too invasive on bacterial wilt by JPs, only exists in less speak now. This season the city discuss physiognomy, and 復sann in the restored greed, i.e. Sakura Kaede thousands shares inside of two planting shall be. Saddle height ranges on the border of the circle Saho. Both monzeki Ichijo Mahayana do Hijrah this, testifying with cherry Maple a few shares. Come in at come would consider natural as seeking the wind the to follow devouring what 相継gi, finally Ulsan natural as Yeouido stands to make. Flower of all the beauty of the glossy, 酣 Frost after Red jade snow, all playing people doing and bouncing minds eye Yi (yoroko) bus to worth. Argumentum ad populum joy morale or even built a monument to its bridle does not as Chronicles more than beg. More than 謬tte report delightedly lives, on the ground as Yoon (NARA magistrate), 5 papers and Yeouido. Fortunately, unceasing nobuhira thickness of customs official genera they are multi taking positions at time, Yu Yu lie, no hitch in years to jig. Hell 囹圄 when in vain, 竊 stolen throughout the country also reduced in the middle of overload to prevent. Come on officer bunch extolling the genus officer testifying. Then city who also do enjoy its fun value. Conditions I and now have this elevation and only get the fun of capital, as well as then square visitor also phase both part fun Susumu (u) go. CBA where stop this kin of 懌 to be. Honen and children took issue, cherry, Maple and blight JPs sad without you. You man if ability to supplements, all of today's play happy, meritorious 100 world etsuo observed, should be 替ezaru. Quite where you want it so much and the remainder after the. Victims, and focus because, of all this monument to saile to. Ichijōdani Pope for it to "by Skryabin" on its forehead. Statement of ◼ to watch is ︎ (sennrou) or less.

Honen and children parent 1st of the Pope, all the cherry Maple and added the Koka and feeble to Yeouido.

0/1850 歲: Geng dog March Ning music Yoon follow fifth place bottom left Emon Lieutenant source ASON Saint-by and. * ◼ ︎ a to 言benn before and feathers


auto-translate 樱桃的枫叶,纪念碑 (oufuu 天的颜色)

川路 toshiakira 奈良裁判服役 5 年之间日本 0/1846年 (1846) 和 0/1851 年 (1851 年) (或容易作为晃) 它对居民的洞察力的规则根深蒂固的敬重。
这座纪念碑在纪念碑在一结束他的樱桃和枫树苗几个几千股 kohfukuji 两,东京大学主要南 urna 格河嵴直到种植期间。 自然风光的奈良的附件被捐赠给幼苗的很多居民也锋利的其富有远见的把握,呼吁未来几代人是作为一个教训以及奈良公园钦佩。
还是他在大阪裁判外国裁判官和幕重量不包括 1868/3/15 (1868年 0/1868 年) 江户城堡和自尽,在幕府当局中丧生。


Neiraku 资本和比旧的几起火灾。 千年问题与此悦 (安装) 都是庄严地仍然,暹罗,遑论是不。 不存在 (它),大和号是拉力开始日期和地nari。 因此上帝则于一护纪,花。 坐下,沃得,人饶,j.旧的风俗习惯,每个 (tsune) 到达良辰刮板,所有资本人榼 (a) 发挥在两个主要"寺院"挈 (和) 提高美化-东京,稻草垫跪着座位在角落里,快乐,(因为) 污点遨 (ASO) 和他们 (不得不) 的确锤土壤比风,太平洋音乐的事情更多的喜悦和。 临到远到观光游船也是从千里,一切。 因此两多"寺院"嘉树朵奇葩。 然后 1763 期间的樱花种植几千股可能不是太创对细菌性青枯病由太平绅士,只存在于少现在发言。 本赛季城市讨论地貌,和復sann 中的恢复的贪婪,即樱花枫数千股内两个种植应。 鞍座高度范围圈部分的边界上。 一条大乘做迁徙与樱桃枫这,作证两 monzeki 几个股。 在来进来会考虑自然作为寻求风继续吞噬什么相継gi,最后蔚山自然作为汝矣岛站作出。 所有美丽的光泽,酣花霜红玉雪后所有玩人做和弹跳头脑眼义 (yoroko) 巴士到价值。 明权 ad populum 欢乐士气或甚至建一座纪念碑的辔头一样不编年史超过乞讨。 比謬tte 更大快人心的是生命,地上作为尹 (奈良裁判)、 5 文件和汝矣岛。 幸运的是,不断宣平厚度的海关官员属他们是多考虑置于时间、 昱谎言、 年来跳汰机没有故障。 地狱囹圄时徒然,全国各地偷竊也减少了在重载来防止。 来吧官群颂扬作证的属官。 然后还做享受其乐趣的市值。 情况和现在有这海拔只有得到资本,以及然后平方位访客的乐趣也相进 (u) 去这两个部分乐趣。 CBA 在哪里停止懌要这坚。 法然圣人和儿童带问题、 樱桃、 枫树和疫病太平绅士没有你伤心。 你的男人如果能力的补充,所有的快乐,今天的发挥功勋 100 世界悦观察,应该是替ezaru。 很在哪里你想这么多后, 的剩余。 受害者,和因为专注,赛乐氏到所有这座纪念碑。 Ichijōdani 教皇为它对"由斯克里亚宾"在它的前额上。 声明的 ◼ 来看是 ︎ (sennrou) 或更少。 法然圣人和儿童家长的教皇,樱桃的枫叶 1 号和添加 Koka 和微弱到汝矣岛。

0/1850年歲: 耿狗 3 月宁音乐尹遵循第五放置底部左侧的 Emon 中尉源 ASON 圣所和。

* ◼ ︎ 言benn 前的和羽毛


幕末の弘化三年(1846 )から嘉永四年(1851 )までの五年間奈良奉行 を勤めた川路聖謨 (かわじとしあきら)はその識見と善政によって住民から深く敬愛された。
この碑はその一端 彼の呼びかけで桜と楓の苗木数千株を東大・興福両寺を中心に南は白毫寺西は佐保川堤まで植樹した時の記念碑である。多くの苗木を寄附した奈良の住民たちの自然景観への愛着と配慮、また後世の人に補植を呼びかけたその先見の鋭さは奈良公園 愛護の教訓として敬服のほかない。
なお彼は大坂町奉行 外国奉行等幕閣に重きをなし慶応四年三月十五日(1868 明治元年)江戸落城の報に自尽して幕政に殉じた。



嘉永三年歲次庚戌三月 寧楽尹 従五位 下左衛門尉源朝臣聖謨撰并書



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