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auto-translate The origin of Mazu
"Celestial Virgin" is commonly known as "Mazu". In Chinese history, actually was named [Lin Rev. daughter] so do not cry people existed, and, according to the forest clans tablature Mazu was born in 3/23 Zong dynasty Jian, 1989 (960 years), even after one month.
His family is of Tang Shao State cishi 刺史 forest 蘊 hits: rice 9 Maki] (Regional Secretary of clan 9 people) sixth 7th sons of the founder Mr. Lim in Fujian forest Lukou publicly 23 Hokage descendents. Dextrous wit from a young, began chanting the Buddha every single day and night in 10-year-old. At the 16 age of copper tag with the teachings from God gift ( considered theories, and also noted that by writing amulets from God except wells. ), supernatural powers, now leading to changes in art. Evil to pay power bills, repelled evil, erase evil, cure sickness of people, tried to force of the world.
To patrol the island indicate supernatural power, riding rather over the sea, the clouds so wholeheartedly respect from everyone, now called "Hsuan spirit woman]. Complete the training of a Sejong King Taejo's Yonghegong Temple-Hee 4 years (987 years) 9/9, and rose to heaven on a sunny day. 28 when it is. Passed away from her red not witnessed his costumes, flying in the sea, to the refugee rescue. Miracle went kimata patriotism and his men to the miraculous, built a mausoleum of the Township people, it became a shrine. According to spread the divine power it give teizan emperors, respectively.
Mini Zong Zong [order and outstanding women], Zong honored [spiritual consort], original sejo is presented named "celestial Virgin] will light the way of the"Heavenly Princess], Qing Kang-Hee [Hau], also a Kiyoshi. Mazu is from the human God, worshipped as the God of the sea. Owners in the altar, was enshrined.
After the safety of sea and sailing as well as, wish her a fear of epidemics and natural disasters, cholera outbreak and Bandit war, now you to pray for peace. Mazu faith transmitted to all over the world according to the exodus of ethnic Chinese.
Many regions of overseas Chinese that masobyo extends to the District of 1500 more than 26 countries, people dedicated to Mazu is 15 million people, people to visit every day. Mazu is 付き従えて aside futagami clairvoyant and favorable wind ear. This futagami had in originally evil spirits, the incantation by Mazu and then reformed, later became the Mazu as. Clairvoyant monitors around, role protecting Mazu from every disaster, favorable ears hear any craftiness with big ears, the auditors inform Mazu. We are together enshrines the clairvoyant and favorable ear in the Yokohama masobyo.


auto-translate 妈祖的起源
中国历史上,实际上被命名为 [林牧师女儿] 这样做不是哭人的存在和根据森林氏族谱妈祖出生在 3/23 宗王朝建,1989 (960 年),即使在一个月后。他的家庭是邓邵国磁石刺史森林蘊命中的: 水稻 9 Maki] 的创始人在福建的林先生 (区域秘书的氏族 9 人) 第六第七届儿子森林禄口公开 23 Hokage 后代。
从一个年轻的灵巧机智开始念经佛每一个白天和黑夜在 10 多岁。16 岁从上帝的教义与铜标记的礼物审议的理论,并还注意到,通过编写护身符从神除了井。),超自然的力量,对艺术的变化现在处于领先地位。邪恶电源付账、 击退邪恶,拭除恶,治愈疾病的人,试图迫使世界。巡逻岛表明了超自然的力量,骑马而是在海,云如此全心全意地尊重来自任何人,现在被称为"玄奘精神女人]。
完成培训的世宗王玖雍和宫殿熙 4 年 (987 年) 9/9,并上升到天堂在阳光明媚的一天。当它是 28。通过远离她红不是目睹了他的服装,在海上的难民救援飞行。奇迹去了鬼俣爱国主义和他的手下神奇,建成乡镇人民的陵墓,它成为了一座寺庙。传播拥有神圣的力量,然后再提山皇帝,分别。荣获 [精神妃] [顺序和杰出的妇女] 迷你宗宗、 宗、 提出了原始又命名为"天体处女] 将照亮的路"天堂公主],清康-熙 [口],也清。
妈祖是从人类之神,作为大海的神崇拜。在祭坛上的业主被庄严。后海和帆船,以及,祝愿她恐惧的流行病和自然灾害、 霍乱暴发和强盗战争,现在您可以为和平祈祷的安全。
根据外流的华人世界各国转交的妈祖信仰。许多地区的海外华人,masobyo 延伸到 1500 年区更比 26 个国家,人们致力于妈祖是 1500 万人,人要访问的每一天。
妈祖是付き従えて 拨出二神千里眼和有利的风力和耳朵。此二神在最初邪灵,妈祖的咒语,然后改革,后来成为作为妈祖。千里眼显示器周围保护妈祖从每一个灾难的作用,有利的耳朵听到任何诡计与大耳朵,审计人员告知妈祖。我们在一起供奉在横滨 masobyo 千里眼和有利的耳朵。

 媽祖の信仰は、華僑 の出国にしたがって世界各地へ伝わりました。華僑のいる多くの地域には、媽祖廟は、二十六か国千五百余か所の地区に及んでおり、媽祖さまを祀る人々は千五百万人、日々参拝する人々が絶えることはありません。


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