加賀前田家下屋敷跡 ~江戸下屋敷平尾邸~



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auto-translate Yoga Maeda House residence mark-Edo residence Hirao House ~ Sankin kōtai system was established during the Edo period through to the major city of Edo gathered many Lords from all over Japan, and lived a life with their families, Samurai and servants.
And for each daimyo was given General premises. Stages of 0/1680 (1680), Kaga han Maeda House HONGO House (present address: University of Tokyo) kamiyashiki, komagome House nakayashiki with (present: this komagome 6-Chome area), Hirao mansion facing the Itabashi-shuku (NPI Kaga's most 2-Chome, 3.4 Chome Itabashi area) establishes a residence.
Kamiyashiki was used for the residence of the feudal Lord retired nakayashiki, a feudal Lord and his family live in residence. Hirao House residence is about d was the House with the daimyo's residences and extensive grounds of 18000 square meters, including the Tokugawa of Owari, Kii, and Mito, Edo, located in the largest size. Had developed a neat garden Oike senkawa water with its water distribution using the shakujii river flow to homes, the Menhir, rockery and waterfall feature throughout.
The Japan Kanazawa is a famous garden, and there about 7 times larger than 6 garden. Hirao House is usually used as a villa for the Lords and their families, they visited recreation trails, held during fireworks displays and falconry.
Also I have clan of Aizu Matsudaira katamori also garden party held in the end of Edo period, and were invited to their seats and the people represented 'Xanadu looks like"shows open to the public. Has been used as a costume change takes rest from our House, adjacent to the Nakasendo Itabashi-shuku shougun during Lord of the Maeda family, Edo into or out of place.
Had become of transfers by family and retainers. Homes yoriki and refill of about 50 people at the top, classic King called most of them maintained here. They in turn Hirao House from generation to generation and, was also someone who enters into marriage and daughter, such as village headman to Itabashi-shuku, hasunuma, Itabashi-Ku area.
In the areas of education as a teacher of the school in Itabashi-shuku, as can be seen a close involvement with the local Itabashi. Implements the 調練 shogunate and Kaga-han also affected the ways of the world, with homes Netherlands Gebal gun. Also, by using the water flow of the shakujii River, manufactures artillery.
After the Meiji era, Hirao House majority as Itabashi gunpowder mill, manufacturing explosives, using the shakujii river water (second after Tokyo army Arsenal) next we.
Currently, Hirao House remnants that are just some of the few remaining here Kaga Park rockery.
3/2009 Itabashi City Board of education


auto-translate 瑜伽前田房子居住马克江户居住东平尾房子 ~
羟 kōtai 系统成立期间通过江户时代,到大城市的江户聚集许多领主从日本各地,和家庭、 武士与公务员的生活。 并为每个大名给出了一般的楼宇。
0/1680年阶段 (1680),加贺韩前田本乡房子 (目前地址: 东京大学) 驹込房子 nakayashiki 与 kamiyashiki (目前: 此驹込 6 丁目地区),东平尾豪宅面临板桥-珠玖 (NPI 加贺大多数 2 丁目,3.4 丁目板桥地区) 建立了一个住所。 Kamiyashiki 用于封建主退休 nakayashiki、 封建主和他的家人居住生活在居住。
东平尾住宅是关于 d 大名的住宅与广泛理由达 18000 平方米,包括尾张德川家、 纪伊,和水户、 江户,房子位于的最大大小。 已使用石神井河流向的家园、 Menhir、 假山和瀑布的特点及其水分布与整洁的花园御池千川水。 日本金泽是著名园林,还有约 7 倍大于 6 的花园。
东平尾房子通常用作别墅上议院和他们的家人,他们参观了休闲足迹,举行烟花汇演和鹰。 我也会津 Matsudaira 容保也游园会在江户时代,年底举行,应邀到自己的座位和所代表的人民的族 ' 世外桃源看起来像"节目向公众开放。
一直用作服装变化要从我们的房子,毗邻 Nakasendo 板桥珠玖 shougun 在主前田家族,江户或地方休息一下。 已成为由家庭和家臣转让。
家里寄来和填充顶部约 50 人的金的经典这里叫他们保持最。 他们在东平尾房子一代又一代转身,也是进入婚姻和到板桥-珠玖,村长的女儿莲沼,板桥区地区的人。 作为一名教师的板桥珠玖在学校教育领域,就能看到当地板桥密切的参与。
調練幕府和加贺娴也影响世界,用家荷兰老者枪的方式实现。 此外,通过使用石神井河的水流,制造火炮。 在明治时代,作为板桥火药轧机,东平尾众议院多数党后制造炸药,使用石神井河水 (仅次于东京陆军阿森纳) 下一步我们。
2009 年 3 月

加賀前田家下屋敷跡 ~江戸下屋敷平尾邸~
 江戸時代に成立した参勤交代 制度により、大都市江戸には日本各地から多くの大名が集まり、その家族や藩士、奉公人などとともに日常生活を送っていました。そして、各大名に対しては、将軍より屋敷地が下賜されました。
 延宝八年(一六八〇)の段階で、加賀藩前田家 は本郷邸(現:東京大学周辺)を上屋敷に、駒込邸を中屋敷(現:本駒込六丁目周辺)に、板橋宿 に面する平尾邸(現:加賀一・ニ丁目、板橋三・四丁目周辺)を下屋敷に定めています。上屋敷は藩主と家族が住む公邸に、中屋敷は隠居した藩主などの住居に利用されました。
 平尾邸は、通常は藩主と家族のための別荘として使われており、かれらが保養や散策に訪れ、時には鷹狩や花火などが行われました。また、幕末には園遊会も催され、その席に招かれた松平容保 をはじめとする会津藩の人びとは、邸内の様子を「まるで桃源郷のようだ」と表現しています。


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