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auto-translate Tahara Castle, Odawara wars battle figure

Warlord's forces of 0/1590 (1590) in April, up Odawara Hojo's stronghold Odawara Castle was besieged battalions of other Lords led by Adviser to national unity.
-Medieval's largest castle, Odawara Castle advent While they continue negotiations and Toyotomi Hideyoshi urges men-at-arms reviewed the Hōjō, head said, strengthen and komoro Castle, Odawara Castle, make mobilization preparations.
Build and a long large enclosures, especially around Odawara Castle Castle Street by 9 km long, were equipped in battle.

Consequently negotiations broke down, he reviewed the establishment of border put main Odawara Castle, fortified castle of territory 100 locations further to consolidate defense system.
-Heroes of the warring States lay siege to Odawara Castle
The armies of Toyotomi Hideyoshi amphibious along approximately 220000, Tokugawa Ieyasu to spearhead Honjin was Tokai road, before Northern vigor is Toshiie, Uesugi Kagekatsu invaded territory country of the Hōjō clan from Kozuke (Gunma prefecture), chosokabe motochika Navy led by their parents and Kuki Yoshitaka and transporting troops and supplies, was engaged in the blockade.

With the advent of large outer medieval people tell and 60000 to Odawara Castle boasted the largest tamahagane, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu, ODA Nobuo, gamō ujisato, to expand the battle of Ukita Hideie, Ikeda Terumasa Hori hidemasa and hidetsugu Hashiba (Toyotomi), such as the famous Samurai heroes up, three months after his.
-Hideyoshi, Ishigaki fortress Castle

Odawara Castle cheats, have enough supplies and funds, long-range strategy in Hideyoshi built magnificent stone wall mountain Castle, headquarters moved from Yumoto 早雲寺 (Hakone), 召shi寄se to wives of Yodo and 3 senior generals, also thousands long team calls the Senke tea ceremony and performers such as pains soothed.
-Surrender of the Hōjō clan Remain blockaded the castle of Odawara Hojo was, because in around komoro Castle and defence, saw an opportunity to counterattack strategy, but don't core and kills around the Castle and became increasingly isolated. They ask for mercy from the clan to surrender Hojo out Castle, coming in July, the siege in Exchange for his own life, his vassals and territory people.

However, Hideyoshi was this, Naoki's father Ujimasa and his brother ujiteru was to commit Hara-Kiri, Mr. directly ordered to Koyasan exile, here sengoku daimyo of Odawara marked the end of Mr.
-And ending the warring States period During the course of this battle not only Kanto, also generals from date Masamune northeast to 臣従 to Hideyoshi.
As a result, achieved national unification project, told warring also end with the fall of the Hōjō clan.
--- Hashiba hidetsugu Toyotomi hidetsugu Hojo Mr. m. Hōjō ujiteru


auto-translate 田原的城堡,小田原战争战斗图
0/1590年军阀的部队 (1590) 四月上小田原北条据点, 小田原城堡里被围困的营由顾问民族团结带领其他领主。

虽然他们继续进行谈判和丰臣秀吉敦促战士审查宝城江,负责人表示,加强和 komoro 城堡,城堡小田原,动员的准备工作。 在战斗中装备了生成和久大的外壳,特别是在小田原城堡城堡街由 9 公里长,周围。
因此谈判破裂,他回顾了建立边界放主要小田原城堡,堡垒的领土 100 位置进一步巩固防御系统。

丰臣秀吉两栖沿约 220000 的军队,德川家康率先本阵过东海路,北部的活力是利家、 Uesugi Kagekatsu 入侵领土国家的宝城江氏族从 Kozuke (群马县)、 长宗我部 motochika 海军率领他们的父母和这种孝和运送部队和物资,从事封锁。
随着大型外中世纪人们告诉和 60000 至小田原城堡吹嘘最大 tamahagane,丰臣秀吉和德川家康,官方发展援助 Nobuo gamō 氏乡,以扩大 Ukita 秀家,池田辉政 Hori hidemasa 和秀接桥 (丰臣),场战役等著名的武士英雄了,三个月后他。

小田原城秘籍,有足够的物资和资金,远程战略在丰臣秀吉建造宏伟的石头墙山城堡,总部迁从汤本早雲寺 (箱根)、 召shi寄se 到淀妻子和 3 名高级将领,也数以千计长团队调用的克尔曼茶道和表演者痛疼安抚。

仍被封锁城堡小田原北条,是因为在周围 komoro 城堡和防御,看到一个机会来反击策略,但不要核心和杀死在城堡附近和变得越来越孤立。 他们问求饶从氏族投降北条出城堡,即将在 7 月,替换自己的生命,他的附庸和领土人民围困。 然而,丰臣秀吉是这,直树的父亲氏正和他的兄弟 ujiteru 是其部属,先生直接下令高野山流亡,这里的小田原的战国大名标志着先生的结束。

这期间战斗不仅关东也将军从日期正宗东北到臣従到丰臣秀吉。 结果,取得国家统一项目,告诉战国也最终以宝城江氏族的秋天。
桥场秀继丰臣英继德郡豪生先生下午宝城江 ujiteru

 天正18年(1590)4月、関東最大の勢力を誇る戦国大名小田原北条氏の本拠地小田原城 は全国統一を推し進める関白豊臣秀吉 率いる諸大名の大軍に包囲される。


 豊臣方の軍勢は水陸あわせて約22万、徳川家康 らを先鋒とする秀吉の本陣は東海道、前田利家上杉景勝 率いる北国勢が上野国(群馬県)から北条氏の領国に侵攻、長宗我部元親九鬼嘉隆 らの率いる水軍が兵員・物資を搬送し、海上封鎖に従事した。
 大外郭の出現により中世最大の規模を誇った小田原城には、6万とも伝える人々が籠り、豊臣秀吉・徳川家康をはじめ、織田信雄蒲生氏郷・羽柴(豊臣)秀次・宇喜多秀家池田輝政堀秀政 など、名だたる戦国の英雄を迎え撃ち、3ヵ月余りに及ぶ攻防戦を展開する。

●秀吉、石垣山城 築城
 小田原城の攻略に当たり、十分な兵糧・資金を用意して長期戦の構えで望む秀吉は、壮大な石垣山城を築き、本営を湯元早雲寺(箱根町)から移動、淀殿や参陣諸将の女房衆を召し寄せ、また千利休 らの茶人や芸能者を呼ぶなど長陣の労を慰めた。

 北条方は、各地の諸城に籠って防戦し、機会を見て反撃に転じる作戦であったが、主力の籠る小田原城を封鎖されたまま各地の支城を撃破され、次第に孤立していった。同年7月に至り北条氏直 は城を出て降伏を申し入れ、自らの命と引き換えに、籠城した一族・家臣や領民らの助命を願い出る。しかし、秀吉はこれを認めず、氏直の父氏政とその弟氏照らに切腹、氏直に高野山 追放を命じ、ここに戦国大名小田原北条氏は滅亡した。

●そして、戦国時代 は終わる
 この合戦の過程で、関東ばかりでなく伊達政宗 ら東北の諸将も秀吉に臣従する。この結果、天下統一の事業が達成され、北条氏の滅亡とともに戦国時代もおわりを告げた。
羽柴秀次 豊臣秀次 北条氏政 北条氏照


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