国宝 二の丸御殿



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auto-translate National treasure ninomaru Palace Nijo castle, 0/1602 (1602) may by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Shogun's capital, "Castle" as construction was. Itakura katsushige, magistrate and then 3/8 to the 竣成 by the hand of many work in the city. Approximately 260 years to actors later announced 15 Shogun Yoshinobu 0/1867 (1867), as raitei unity ritual also functioned as the generals come when you stay at.
Has been so far and took over the imperial family after the restoration, but was used as a Kyoto Prefectural Government building temporary managing of the Kyoto 0/1939.
Ninomaru Palace was built upon the Foundation of Korea in 1592, after major repairs for about 20 years 0/1686 (1686) from 0/1705 (1705), includes the newly repaired even in the first year of the kan'ei today.
This Palace has been typical of the Momoyama era samurai-style palaces offer floor vestibule Shoin, chigai-Dana Book table construction (Himeji) and.
Karamon with between the driveway (entrance), far-Samurai (toozamurai), terrace (shikidai), salon, cycads, black Shoin (small Hall) and of each building, but deployed to the Northwest from the Southeast (Echelon).
Attached porch-Samurai (touzamurai) is a stone approximately 1048 square meters (320 square meters or less), the monumental architecture of the Castle first Envoy between in (upper, lower), between the Tiger (one between, between the two, three), appropriated for Willow between Wakamatsu and fuyo, and shelled other Lords holding between. Just to introducing or presenting requirements: it is necessary, on the South side between the terrace and visited various daimyo General;
And also where feudal lords to greet old post and the terrace on the north side, in between the old job holding. Salon is the central building of the ninomaru Palace, where official ceremonies and are larger after far-Samurai. One between (upper), between the two, and in face to face, and the other Lords of the generals especially between double fold on the coffered ceiling, interior decoration very flowery (kareizaki).
As the anteroom of daimyo and other general terms to Buchanan, and IV as well as during the third, also attached while the book stand.
Named because corridor between Hall and black Academy between Cycad, Cycad was portrayed on the walls and doorways of sugito,. Black Academy, said the small Hall, in the official salons in in the facing direction used, and staff take the parliamentary General, one between (upper), two between (cherry), three between (Hamamatsu), 4 (between the Chrysanthemum), from one book to another, has been.
Called 0/1867 (1867) October 15 Shogun, Yoshinobu decided the actors were in the black Academy.
White paper last may, also called for the throne, upper between (in the bedroom), between the two, between the three (between the landscape), between the four (between the sleep Sparrow), and appropriated to the resting place of General and bedroom. Each room of the ninomaru Palace is decorated with wall paintings. On gilt was taut, painted in a dark color azure blue bright (konnpeki address) of its magnificent brilliant shine shows exactly what glory of the Tokugawa clan, what there is too much.
According to the prestigious character of the room has changed the theme, bamboo will the Majesty of the shogunate, such as Tiger, pine Hawk during the official ones, also according to go back to, such as cherry blossoms, chrysanthemum and primary and increasingly elegance. At the top back of the living room, that shopping has been made with a color screen and relaxing atmospheres.
These wall paintings, including the Kano tan'yu as Hsing.,, Shin, should be in the hands of the main painter of the Kano school. Also, to give each building's sculptural metalwork products also tend to be. Karamon, driveway sculpture and other live birds (kinnjuu) combining ligatures.Let the transom carvings exhibited the dynamic ecology is seen everywhere.


auto-translate 国家宝藏史迹宫
二条城,0/1602年 (1602) 可能由德川家康,幕府的资本,"城堡"正如建设。 板仓胜重,裁判官,然后 3/8 到竣成手,很多人在城市工作。 大约 260 年到演员后宣布 15 幕府将军义信 0/1867年 (1867 年),如 raitei 统一仪式也充当将军们来当你住。 一直到目前为止和接管的皇室恢复之后,但是被用作建设临时管理 0/1939年京都京都府。
史迹宫始建后韩国基金会于 1592 年,在大约 20 年 0/1686年大修后 (1686) 从 0/1705 年 (1705),包括新修即使在今天,kan'ei 的第一年。
这座宫殿一直是典型的武士风格宫殿提供楼前庭松阴,拆改 Dana 书表施工 (姬路) 桃山时代和。
Karamon 与车道 (入口)、 远武士 (toozamurai)、 露台 (shikidai)、 沙龙、 苏铁类植物,黑阴 (小厅) 之间和每栋楼,但需要部署向西北从东南 (梯队)。
附的门廊-武士 (touzamurai) 是一种石头大约 1048年平方米 (320 平方米或更少),建筑的城堡第一之间的特使之间 (上、 下),在老虎的纪念性建筑 (一之间,两者之间,三个)、 拨给之间若松和芙蓉,柳树和炮轰其他领主之间举行。
只是到引入或提出要求: 它是必要的在南口之间的露台,并且参观各大名一般; 也在那里迎接老邮政和露台北侧,在旧的工作举行的封建领主。
沙龙是中央建筑史迹宫殿,在正式仪式和是后远武士更大。 一个之间 (上部),两者之间,并且在脸上,和其他贵族的将军们尤其是之间在方格的天花板上,室内装饰非常华丽的双眼皮 (kareizaki) 的脸上。 作为的大名和其他通用的术语,布坎南和四以及在第三套房,还在对书站时,连接。
命名,是因为大厅和黑色学院之间苏铁,苏铁之间的走廊被描绘在墙上和 sugito,门口。
黑色学院小霍尔说,在官方的美容院在面对的方向使用,和工作人员采取议会一般,一 (上),两者之间 (樱桃),三个之间 (滨松) 4 (之间菊花),从每一本书到另一个,一直。 被称为 0/1867年幕府将军 (1867 年) 10 月 15 日,义信决定演员们穿着黑色的学院。
白皮书最后可能,也呼吁了王位,上部之间 (在卧室),两者之间,(之间景观),三者之间 (之间睡眠麻雀),四并拨归一般和卧室休息的地方。
史迹宫每个房间都装饰壁画。 在镀金绷紧,在黑暗的颜色中画天青蓝色明亮 (konnpeki 地址) 其壮丽辉煌照耀显示到底什么荣耀德川家族,有什么太多。 根据房间的著名特征改变了这一主题,竹将幕府,如老虎,松鹰在官方的还可根据转回,如樱花、 菊花和小学和越来越优雅的陛下。
在顶部回来的客厅里,购物已与彩色屏幕和轻松的气氛。 这些壁画,包括卡诺 tan'yu 作为兴、 信,应该是在卡诺学校的主要画家手中。
同时,给每个建筑雕塑金属制品产品也往往会以。 Karamon,车道雕塑和其他活禽 (kinnjuu) 结合连字。让气窗雕刻展示动态生态随处可见。

国宝 二の丸御殿
 二条城は、慶長七年(一六〇二)五月徳川家康 の命により、征夷大将軍の「京之城」として着工された。板倉勝重 を奉行とし、市中の多数の労役者の手によって翌八年三月に竣成した。以降十五代将軍慶喜が大政奉還 を発表した慶応三年(一八六七)までの、およそ二六〇年間公武和合の儀礼の場として、また将軍入洛時の宿泊の場として機能した。維新後は、皇室 に接収され、一時京都府庁舎として使用されたが、昭和十四年以降京都市の管理するところとなっている。


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国宝 二の丸御殿

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