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auto-translate The origin of the temple (goryouzann) takabayashi Memorable hinatayama "spirit Dai-Myojin-derived (ごりょう areincludedin after) ' to at the beginning of the Edo period Shun Government sunpu magistrate territories of the shogunate in the time is shortly after the official Gorō Matsui 8 (ごろはち) who was. Goro-8 soon conceive wife pray Asama shrine in the intently for the couple, married couples without children, from birth 17 months one month because I finally had one boy. Couple named 80 t. (hachijuurou) and to the tough love (chouai). According to grow 80 t. cadosatol excellent and also very beautiful and hated to tread the Earth very often, like that. However, that dirty soil limb falls on the occasion went to of the Nakashima to 80, is invited by the friend, when 13-year-old was not hurt, but to suffer a few days I lie in my bed after. Undergone any treatment the couple but as a result, 80 t. 1/18 died.
ProcessingInstruction said takabayashi dōji (kourinndouji) and buried treasure of tenma-Cho-JI, still retains its stone. A Yoshida Palace received a confidential imperial order during the spring of the following year, the Emperor ordered by the Secretary of court nobles (kugeshuu) toward Edo, Goro asked eight calls, do not you do something different after the death of his son. Then Goro says eight son 80, 白綾 (shiraaya) of the hakama, white garment (rinnzu) of hitatare, a (kind) in dreams is riding on a white horse appeared and said "what we become God in Suruga" answered.
Then Yoshida is, strangely enough, Goro also become 8 and exactly the same dream, "tegoshi village say, guardian and is us interference" and informed Emperor wanted 80, is that. The following year, jōō (shouou) 2 years (1653), by order of the Emperor tegoshi village shrine built in the "2 spirit daimyojin" as was enshrined. Hit that same year, the grandfather of 80 Matsui 正近 (Masachika) (youngest brother of Takeda Shingen, 信龍 (nobutatsu) grandson), built a Hermitage on the side of this building, which later became spirit daimyojin betto (intendant of) (that manages the shrine Temple), named takabayashi hospital.
Takabayashi Hospital (Temple) with spirit as a syncretism of Shinto shrine, Shun became the Office of prayer place.
Of the Temple "tegoshi name moxibustion stands for good luck (taking over 13th traduccion animals) ' to said Matsui 正近 is Keian hen (0/1651, 1651) of, is that YUI shōsetsu (yuishousetsu) arrest (hobaku) the award (heavens) as the 700 stone are received. Due to early Meiji period Shinto and Buddhism separation Decree until it was demolished the shrine spirit daimyojin "(80-1) are, still the picture shrine Temple (chinnjudou), which is has been renamed" spirit Zun (goryousonn).


auto-translate 寺 (goryouzann) takabayashi 的起源
令人难忘的 hinatayama"精神戴源性明神 (goryou 的 areincludedin 后) ' 到江户时期顺政府桑普初裁判官很快就进来,幕府官员怪异松井界 8 (gorohachi) 是。 五郎 8 很快就怀孕的妻子祈祷浅间神社在专心地为这对夫妇,已婚夫妇没有孩子,从出生 17 个月一个月因为我终于有了一个男孩。 对夫妇 80 t (hachijuurou),在对付难爱 (chouai)。 根据成长 80 t.cadosatol,优秀,也非常漂亮,讨厌的土踩硬,很经常,像这样。 然而的中岛美嘉到 80,去的场合的脏土肢体瀑布被邀请的朋友时年仅 13 岁却没有受伤,但遭受几天我躺在我床上后。 经过任何治疗这对夫妇但结果是,80 t.1/18 死了。 ProcessingInstruction 说: takabayashi dōji (kourinndouji) 与埋藏的宝藏的天马赵吉,仍保留其石头。
Yoshida 宫,收到机密的帝国秩序次年春季皇帝下令法院贵族 (kugeshuu) 向江户,局长五郎问八个电话,你不做一些不同的东西在他儿子的死后。 然后 Goro 说八儿子 80,白綾 (shiraaya) 的裤裙,白色服装 (rinnzu) 的 hitatare,在梦中的一 (种) 骑一匹白马出现,说:"什么我们成为神骏"回答。 然后是,奇怪的是,五郎也成为 8 和完全相同的梦想,"tegoshi 村说,卫报 》,是我们干扰"告知皇帝想 80,是,Yoshida。
次年,jōō (shouou) 2 年 (1653),命令皇帝 tegoshi 村祠建在"2 精神 daimyojin"是庄严。 击中同一年,祖父 80 松井正近 (正身) (最小的弟弟的武田 Shingen,信龍 (信立) 孙子),建造这幢建筑物,后来成为精神旁的冬宫 daimyojin betto (管理者) (管理寺庙神社),命名为 takabayashi 医院。 Takabayashi 医院 (寺) 与精神作为神社,顺融合成为了祈祷的地方办事处。
殿里的"tegoshi 名称艾灸象征好运 (接管 13 traduccion 动物) ' 给说松井正近是 Keian 母鸡 (0/1651年,1651年) 的是那小唯 shōsetsu (yuishousetsu) 逮捕 (hobaku) 奖 (天堂) 照发 700 石头。
由于早期明治时期日本之神道教和佛教分离法令直到它被拆毁神社精神 daimyojin"(80-1) 也已重命名图片祠庙 (chinnjudou),这是"精神尊 (goryousonn)。



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