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auto-translate Monument of the sugarcane fields 6/1964 19 years after the battle of Okinawa in Rhymer composed of sugar cane fields, Terashima, Masahiko in the 34-year-old first visited Okinawa, and was helpful in the sugar cane fields of southern Guide to local people, were in the battle-field and mabuni.

At this time, thus 書き残しました is, Terashima. It's buried in the sugar cane fields stretched far higher than my myself down from the car and wonder how much walked the dirt path. It through the hot tropical sun and clear blue sky. All cane wavy designed a still beneath the soil you walk taken up. yet many veterans at the time was the voice from heaven like upon my words, beautifully stretched in an instant blue sky, Sun, green monochrome, petrified me.

During that veterans who ROAR and sob I heard certainly, overwhelmed and hear only the sound of the wind blowing through and crippling. Terashima, Masahiko has spent nearly two years sound of the wind over the cane fields ' Nozawa made ' that repeated 66 times, reached the words ' Nozawa made ' to feel great, was born in 1967, sugar cane fields.

And half as a near century now also kokiriko by many singers and choirs in the nation and hope for world peace, universal music, in the minds of people steeped in generations. In the battle of Okinawa led to unprecedented damage die one in four residents of Yomitan Village is one of where war has come from the other side of the sea long ago.

The stone monument was erected by sugarcane fields monument erected Executive Committee, was donated in Yomitan Village.
Composer, Terashima, hirohiko's profile Born in 6/4/1930, Tokyo. Poem by sugar cane fields, such as too many. Music Faculty of composers graduated from Tokyo Art University, performance ' Terashima, Gen and rhythm chanson Internet ' formed and pianist NHK ' # I ♭, I ' in Nakayoshi rhythms such as TV and radio. "Minna no Uta" and national school music competition repertoire, including works and offers plenty of in school textbooks, etc. He also singing schools across the country. Songwriting in addition to concert production, column, essay writing, speaking engagements, takes taught at the University at the same time and brought many musicians. Life through active, 3/2004 23, final resting place.


auto-translate 在蔗田的纪念碑
6/1964年 19 年蹩脚的诗人组成的甘蔗田,Terashima,Masahiko 在 34 岁第一次在冲绳岛战役访问冲绳岛,并且乐于在甘蔗田的本地人,南部指南之后, 是在战场和 mabuni。在这一次,因此書き残しました 是 Terashima。

它埋在甘蔗田一直伸展远远高于我自己的车,不知道多少走的土路。它通过热热带阳光和蔚蓝的天空。所有甘蔗波浪都设计仍然土壤你走采取的超越当时的许多老兵却来自我的言语,精美伸展在即时的蓝色的天空,阳光,绿色的单色,像天上的声音吓呆了,我下面。期间那咆哮的老兵和呜咽我当然听说过,不堪重负,听到只有通过吹、 严重的风的声音。

Terashima,Masahiko 到花了近两年来在藤田的野泽风的声音作 ',重复 66 次,达到字的野泽作' 感觉很棒,出生于 1967 年,甘蔗田。和近一个世纪现在也由许多歌手和唱诗班在全国和世界和平,环球音乐,在人的头脑中希望冰见沉浸在几代人的一半。


在 1930/6/4,东京出生。由甘蔗田,等太多的诗。形成了音乐系毕业于东京艺术大学,性能 'Terashima,创和节奏香颂互联网' 的作曲家和钢琴家 NHK '# 我 ♭,我' 在 Nakayoshi 的节拍,如电视和电台。"明娜没有 Uta"和全国学校音乐竞赛套路,包括工程,提供了大量的在学校教科书等。他还在全国各地唱歌的学校。以及演唱会制作、 列、 论文写作、 演讲,教在大学需要在同一时间和带来了许多音乐家作曲。通过活动,2004 年 3 月 23,最后安息之地的生活。

 沖縄戦から19年経った1964年6月に「さとうきび畑」の作詩作曲者・寺島尚彦 は34歳で初めて沖縄を訪れ、地元の人の案内で、激戦地であった南部・摩文仁 のサトウキビ畑に立ちました。この時のことを寺島尚彦 はこのように書き残しました。



 住民の4人に1人が亡くなるという未曾有の被害をもたらした沖縄戦において、読谷村は「昔 海のむこうから いくさがやってきた」地点のひとつです。歌碑 は「さとうきび畑」歌碑建立実行委員会により建立され、読谷村に寄贈されました。



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