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auto-translate World Heritage Shirakawa-village Ogi area town Gassho-zukuri villages Ogino-Cho Park

World Heritage Shirakawa-go Ogi-machi gassho style village "Ogi-machi Park"
♦ regional community-based conservation movement Act quickly to save the Shirakawa-Mura ogimachi gassho style village first had the ogimachi at that time young people were. To membership all Ogi-machi residents in 1971, became a driving force through the promotion of youth activities and folk art sense of solidarity was born and liven up the area preservation society was established "settlement, Shirakawa village Ogi town environmental protection association".

Since then, regional resources (gassho-style houses and mansions of arable land, etc.) "sell" "not" "break" "principle of preservation of placing conservation principles protect the natural environment of the village in Shirakawa village Ogi town residents Charter residents together, committed to the preservation of the rural landscape.
♦ histrical world heritage Shirakawa-Mura ogimachi, with six district including 9/1976 tsumago, Nagano Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture in Ningxia Hill first "important traditional buildings preservation district for groups" selection by the active preservation and improvement project is underway, good landscape maintenance has been achieved.

One of reasonable houses "gassho-style houses" most developed further the wooden culture of Japan, and in those 12/1995 in Japan as "Shirakawa-go and Gokayama gasshou-zukuri settlement', is regarded as a valuable cultural heritage, rural landscape a distinctive a-frame houses of worth in the world cultural heritage of the sixth World Heritage site has been.
♦ World Heritage site traffic measures outcomes "ogimachi Park. Ogimachi Park was once a village of parking "ogimachi parking", but inscribed as a world heritage site in ogimachi parking lot starting to traffic congestion is aggravated.
To solve problems for local residents and the Government become an integral part to achieve "in the village tourist vehicles served by limiting" established "social experiments" and traffic regulations, measures and enforcement, piled up its verification.
These series of measures 9/2009 start Motorcoach ride immigration regulations, 3/2011 closure of the ogimachi parking, was in April 2013, initial goals to "in the village tourist vehicles served by limiting" paid off. And was maintained as a monument of world heritage site traffic site was closed down this "ogimachi parking garage" area have been working tenaciously to tell future generations ogimachi Park. Tell the memory of the land of paddy fields was before this place is parking, but expresses the levee of rice at a time.
If Shirakawa village preservation and tourism to both feel in this park a little hope. Shirakawa-Mura ogimachi Ward


auto-translate 世界遗产白川方明村庄奥吉地区城镇合掌神社建筑史村庄荻野教授町公园

♦ 以社区为基础的区域养护运动
迅速行动,拯救白川方明 Mura 合掌风格村首先当时町,年轻的人。 会员到 1971 年,所有的奥吉町居民成为了通过促进青年活动的驱动力和民间艺术的团结意识出生和搞活地区保存社会是建立"解决,白川方明村庄奥吉城镇环境保护协会"。 自那时以来,区域资源 (合掌式房屋和耕地等豪宅)"卖""不会"休息"""的保留的放置养护原则原则保护自然环境的白川方明村庄奥吉小镇居民宪章居民一起,致力于农村景观保护的村庄。

♦ 历史世界遗产白川方明 Mura 町,与六个区,包括 9/1976年妻笼,长野县和京都府在宁夏山第一"组重要传统建筑保护区"选择由活动的维护和改进项目正在进行中,取得了良好的景观维护。
合理房屋"合掌屋"最发达之一进一步的木文化的日本,和那些 12/1995 年作为日本"白川乡和五崮山 gasshou-神社建筑史解决 ',被认为是宝贵的文化遗产,乡村景观独特的井架房子的网站已经第六次世界遗产世界文化遗产的价值。

♦ 世界遗产站点交通措施成果"町公园。
町公园曾经是一个村庄的泊车"町停车场",但作为世界文化遗产在町停车场开始到交通拥堵加剧落款。 要解决问题,为当地居民和政府成为不可分割的一部分,以实现"在乡村旅游车辆服务通过限制"建立"社会实验"和交通规章、 措施和执法,堆积其核查。
这一系列措施 2009 年 9 月开始西湖醋鱼骑入境规例 》,2011 年 3 月关闭的町停车,在 2013 年 4 月,最初的目标,到"在乡村旅游车辆服务通过限制"还清了。
被维护了作为世界遗产站点交通站点纪念碑被关闭此"町车库"地区一直在努力顽强地告诉下一代町公园。 告诉的稻田土地的记忆以前这个地方是停车位,但对水稻的堤坝表示在一段时间。 如果白川村保存和旅游业对两者都感到在这个公园里一点希望。
白川方明 Mura 町病房

World Heritage Shirakawa-go Ogi-machi gassho style village "Ogi-machi Park"

 白川郷 荻町合掌造り 集落の保存にいち早く行動を初めたのは、当時の荻町の若者たちでした。青年団活動や郷土芸能の振興を通じて連帯感が生まれ、地域を活気づける原動力となり、1971年に荻町住民全員を会員とする保存会「白川郷荻町集落の自然環境を守る会」が発足しました。以後、地域内の資源(合掌家屋・屋敷・農耕地等)については「売らない」「貸さない」「こわさない」を「保存の原則」に掲げ「白川郷荻町集落の自然環境を守る住民憲章」を保存理念の柱に据えて住民一丸となって集落景観の保存に努めています。

 さらに「合掌造り家屋」が最も発達した合理的な民家形式の1つで、日本の木造文化を代表するものであり、それら特色ある合掌造り家屋群を中心とする農村景観が世界的に価値のある貴重な文化遺産と評価され、1995年12月に「白川郷・五箇山の合掌造り集落」として日本では6番目の文化遺産として世界遺産 登録されました。



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