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auto-translate Deer history The oshika 0/807 ( 0/807 ) Shogun tamuramaro Maro in Amagasaki Tycoon Pudong CDN night observation, boreal bespeaks field hunting attempts, Cono to come forest in difficulty in the bycatch of oshika posterity village names and listed in auction and Riverside County Journal. When came to this land ( ohshika ) because when one theory I came to Amagasaki Tycoon per foot of Zhongshan, Nagao is shining down from the boat, let's trace the secrets of light and headed north to big deer out were caught.
Tamuramaro plan and began the construction of a utopia, pioneered this area settlement is made, plowed fields, gets it, that way in this big deer out named 'oshika"from the met.
Posterity, tamuramaro Maro Yukari people including oshika, Kushiro, Kawanishi and Takarazuka Yamamoto Township ( old Castle-Tamura Castle built by nakamaro changes to place names ), also moved and was active throughout.
Many people in the known world Warrior except tamuramaro Sakagami korenori v after ASA's grandson, has been selected as 36 poets master of Waka and kemari. Celebrates its Millenium this year noted the presence of the tale of Genji, but Rui pond (at that time had been known and mostly pond), Villa of Fujiwara no michinaga was near it.
Murasaki Shikibu might had come from the capital of Kyoto, summer summer.
Oshika the bygone days was mainly in agriculture, water resources is what concerns the life and death of the villagers, including the zuikaku pond, nun months pond, nagaike, pollution Pond Pond built many, take the Lords name in the era after the main pond, Bizen pond was a concrete pond. When was 困rihatete, and that long time ago, not even one drop of rain this oshika, missionary monk daikaku Bishop that stopped by. Immediately hokke Shu Buddhist Scriptures to argue and villagers seven days between the once rain out, people have been saved that story, but still, all villagers unanimously, and then converted to hokke Shu ' everyone village of the Lotus Sutra "as is also a nationally known. Related to them, mound, 'of', such as obsolete.
And the preserved historical water conflicts originated in the Edo era, on the other hand, near West Imperial Grand shrine in the 'Teacup ' are transferred at that time remains in these ponds and historical sites are the oshika since ancient times from testifies that had struggled in the water. Tamuramaro Sakagami tayo, descendant of Maro, in Takarazuka Yamamoto Township for many years was growing medicinal plants, but succeeded in grafting of the horticulture technology invention and practical application, has contributed to the industrialization of the posterity of gardening. Thanks to trees to the disease harder to grow and the fruit was fresh.
Shinyusha flowers grown for him is the relation between tea master Sen no Rikyu, tea ceremony, and was adorned in a teahouse or tea garden.

This achievement Sakagami Lai Tai from plants like Toyotomi Hideyoshi awarded the title of 'kitsugi'.
Sake of oshika sword water chestnut
Comes early in the Edo period in the oshika sake became popular, tamuramaro. involved in sake sword water chestnut, and other brand name sake Sakagami 宗清 Maro, held from now, its taste is ' building a mountain of flowing water with very flavor and ' and go economic development the oshika, and critically acclaimed.
Its brand name, such as when oshika sword Mitsubishi is AKO warriors who stood as a celebratory drink drunk, and also chosen for go膳 sake of Shogun is known nationwide, has numerous written to the world at the time. Allotment to the earlier success shop under the name brewery of this sword is the head says the earlier success at kanzaburo was hereditary name.
We participate as one of Brewer representing the Itami tempo a year in the late Edo period who became the Itami town resident autonomy Banso dainei (major Brewer who decides a town in Council organization). Also, Osaka ajikawaguchi in stores, of courseAlso owned shipping industry, as well as lend funds to takatsuki clan, feudal, and Nagasaki hirado clan daimyo Saffir (current banking industry) were involved.
Oshika and saigoku-Kaido, with horse trail Western Highway the Heian era called Sanyo road, has been developed as a national line of highway linking Kyoto and Dazaifu in Kyushu.
Sanyo road at that time is also an important road party delegates from developed countries in China and Korea and technicians come and go, saw many supplies and various cultures.
Yamazaki as follows for yōdō made Kyoto and Dazaifu is divided from the Tokaido Fushimi, ( replacement ) shougun observation, Kyoto Imperial Palace because not pass each daimyo during the Edo period, Segawa Koriyama Akutagawa Kyoto Yamazaki, takatsuki, Ibaraki, Minoh, Itami--Yang five lodging through connects to Nishinomiya-Juku, Yamazaki Street now known as 'West country road and call.
ARIMA road, on the other hand, oshika Exchange Center front extending north and South was straightened as to a temple to the goddess and Arima Onsen Hot Springs Road.
And oshika the terrain crossed ARIMA road extending to the Western highway connecting the East and West and North and South, late Kamakura period on the Government Office of TADA Minami mandokoro, flourished in settsu-bloc trade and people traffic.
Edo period through national highway is placed under the jurisdiction of the Government, including side road, especially in major five road including Tokaido and Nakasendo, each was developed
Fudaba Tsuji was built in saigoku-Kaido pine trees or milestone, make a high Bill, such as has been straightened. Description this guide is along this road establishment of oshika connects East to West country road.
Saigoku-Kaido aside Highway marks Road North across the parking lot in front of the eyes.
Oshika scenic forming councils fostered such oshika's long history cultural & regional resources and townscape improvement, such as preserving and nurturing the next generation inherited the activities. 12/2008 oshika scenic forming councils.


auto-translate 鹿历史
牡鹿 0/807 0/807) 幕府将军 tamuramaro 尼崎大亨浦东 CDN 夜间观察,北方的宏观预示着场狩猎尝试,柯诺来森林在困难中副渔获物的牡鹿后人村庄的名字,在拍卖和里弗赛德县杂志上市。当来到这个土地 ohshika),因为当一种理论我每呎中山来到尼崎大亨,长尾照耀从船上时,让我们追踪光的秘密和户主的北至大鹿出去被抓。Tamuramaro 计划并开始建设的一个乌托邦,开创了此地区的沉降由犁、 获取它,这种方式在这种大鹿出命名为 ' 牡鹿"从见到的了。
Tamuramaro 宏观由香里人包括牡鹿,钏路、 川西、 宝冢山本乡旧城堡田村城堡建造的 nakamaro 更改放置名称)、 也移动和活跃在各地,是后人。
很多人除了 tamuramaro 坂上惟德 v ASA 的孙子后,已知世界的战士已经被选为 36 诗人大师 Waka 和 kemari。
庆祝这一年注意到的源氏,但瑞池的故事存在其千年 (当时时间已已知和大多池塘),别墅的藤原没有道长有人靠近它。紫式部可能来自首都京都,夏天。
牡鹿的往日 》 主要以农业为主,水资源是什么关注的生与死的村民,包括严重的池塘、 尼姑月池、 长池,污染池塘池塘建很多,带上议院名称以后主要池塘的时代里,备池塘有一个具体的池塘。
当时困rihatete,和久很久以前,甚至没有一滴雨这牡鹿,传教僧人 daikaku 主教停下来的。立即法华舒佛经争论和村民之间一次七天雨,人们已经一致,保存那篇故事,但尽管如此,所有村民,然后转换为法华舒 ' 每个人都法华经 》 中的村庄"原样也闻名全国。与他们相关,冢 '的',如过时。和保存历史的水冲突起源于江户时代,另一方面,一个茶杯里的 '' 西方帝国大祠附近转移在时间仍然在这些池塘和历史遗迹是从古至今,从鹿作证,在水中挣扎。
Tamuramaro 坂上大冶,子代的宏观,在许多年的宝冢山本乡镇种植药用植物,但成功地嫁接的园艺技术发明和实际应用,为后人园艺产业作出了贡献。由于树木疾病难成长和水果很新鲜。Shinyusha 花朵为他种植茶师傅森的关系千利茶道、、 在茶馆或茶花园装饰。
这一成就坂上赖泰从植物像丰臣秀吉授予 'kitsugi' 的称号。

来自早在江户时代的牡鹿的缘故变得流行,tamuramaro.参与的缘故剑荸荠、 和其他品牌名称的缘故坂上宗清宏观,举行了从现在开始,它的味道是 '建设一座山的流动的水很有风味和' 去经济发展牡鹿和好评。
它的品牌名称,如当牡鹿剑三菱 AKO 勇士站作为庆祝饮醉,和为了 go膳时的幕府也选择而闻名全国,已经无数次写入世界。
分配到早些时候成功店下名称啤酒厂的这把剑是负责人说,早些时候成功在勘三郎是遗传性的名字。我们作为代表伊丹节奏的啤酒之一参加年江户末期成为伊丹镇居民自治班索 dainei (决定一个市镇理事会组织的主要啤酒)。
此外,大阪 ajikawaguchi 在商店里的课程此外拥有航运业,以及作为资金贷款给高槻氏族,封建,和长崎平户氏族大名萨菲尔 (当前银行业) 受累。

牡鹿和 saigoku 街渡,以马径西部公路平安时代叫三洋路已成为连接京都议定书和在九州的太宰府公路国家线。
山崎如下为 yōdō 了京都和太宰府分为从东海伏,替换) shougun 观察,京都皇宫因为不通过每个大名在江户时期,濑川郡山芥川京都山崎,高摫,茨城、 箕、 伊丹 — — 杨五倒伏通过连接到西宫补习,山崎街现在被称为西方国家公路和电话。
牡鹿地形越过 ARIMA 路延伸到西部的公路,连接东、 西部和北部及南部,晚镰仓时代上田南政府办事处万所,在摄津集团贸易和人民交通蓬勃发展。
江户时代通过国道被安置在政府,包括侧道,特别是在主要的五个道路包括东海道和 Nakasendo 管辖之下,开发每个
札场辻始建于 saigoku 街渡松树或里程碑,使一个高的法案,如被拉直了。
说明本指南是沿着牡鹿这道建立连接东到西方国家道路。Saigoku 街渡一边公路标志渣华道北对面的停车场在眼前。
2008 年 12 月牡鹿景区形成议会。

 大鹿は西暦八〇七年(大同二年)征夷大将軍坂上田村麻呂 が尼崎大物浦に寄泊の途次、北方の昿野に狩を試み、此地に来り森林中に大鹿を獲たるに困り後世村名とせりと川辺郡誌に記されている。もう一説には尼崎の大物あたりに来たとき、中山・長尾山の麓が光り輝いているため、舟から降りて光の正体をさぐろうと、北に向かいこの地(大鹿)まで来たとき、大きな鹿に出逢いました。坂上田村麻呂は理想郷の建設を思い立ち、この地を切り拓いて集落をつくり、田畑を耕し、道をととのえるなどの計画を立て、この地で大きな鹿に出逢ったことから「大鹿」と名付けました。
 なかには、武人以外で世に知られている人も多く坂上田村麻呂の五世後の孫にあたる坂上是則 は、和歌と蹴鞠の名人で、三十六歌仙 に選ばれています。
 今年は、源氏物語の存在が世に知られて千年を迎えますが、瑞ヶ池(当時は「主が池」と呼ばれていた)の近くに、藤原道長 の別荘があったそうです。紫式部が京の都から、夏の避暑に来ていたかもしれません。
 その昔、この大鹿に雨が一滴も降らなかったことがあり、困りはてていたとき、大覚僧正 という布教中の僧侶が立ち寄りました。さっそく法華宗の経文を村人達と唱えること七日間、たちまち雨が降り出し、人々が救われたという話が、今でも語り継がれ、全村人がこぞって法華宗に改宗し、「皆法華の村」として全国的にも知られています。それらに関係した「お塚」、「竹塚」などが残されています。一方、近くの西皇大神社には「茶碗の樋」が当時の状態のままで移設され、江戸時代に起きた水争いの史実が大切に保存されており、これらの池や史跡は、大鹿が古来から取水に苦労していたことを物語っています。
 坂上田村麻呂の子孫にあたる坂上頼泰 は、宝塚の山本郷で長年にわたり薬草を育てていましたが、園芸技術の「接木」の発明と実用化に成功し後世の園芸の産業化に貢献しています。おかげで樹木は病気になりにくく育ち、果実はみずみずしくなりました。彼の栽培した草花は、茶道の宗匠千利休の目にとまり、茶道に取り入れられ、茶室や茶庭に飾られるようになりました。

 江戸時代に初期になると大鹿で酒造りが盛んになり、坂上田村麻呂を祖とする坂上宗清 らが、銘酒「剣菱」やその他の銘柄の酒造りにかかわるようになり、その味は「山の流麗水を造るをもって甚だ香味なり」と絶賛され、大鹿は経済的な発展をとげます。
 この剣菱の醸造元は、屋号を『津国屋』 にあらため、当主は、津国屋勘三郎 という名前を代々世襲しました。江戸時代の後期にあたる天保年間には、伊丹を代表する酒造家の一人となり、伊丹郷町の住民自治を担当する惣宿老(主要酒造家たちが合議制で町政を決定する組織)の一人として参与しています。

平成二十年十二月吉日 大鹿景観形成協議会


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