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auto-translate Mountain lantern Oyama is a mountain in the central part of Kanagawa prefecture and has an altitude of 1,246 meters, with a lot of annual rainfall and alias of rainyama. There is Ahide Shrine on the summit, there is a famous Daisenji in the mountainside, famous immortal and famous Daisenji, they are collectively referred to as Mr. Oyama, and have been long believed by ordinary people of agricultural industry as agricultural, business prosperous, It was. As a priest of Akutoshi Shrine and a priest of Daisenji Temple, "a teacher", the teacher had a specific area of ​​coverage in the Kanto 1 yen and constantly visited the villages and worked on the organization of Oyama faith propaganda and Oyama lecture. Oyama faith became truly since the middle period when Edo culture developed, and the Edo citizens organized many Oyama lectures and went on climbing mountain clusters together. As it is also the subject of Rakugo, going through Oyama Highway from Edo to Isehara Following Oyama climbing worshiping, go out to Hiratsuka one road and see the historical sites such as Enoshima Kamakura Fujisawa and cross the Kanagawa boat to Shinagawa to Edo The process of changing was a tourism comfort tour of Edo citizen who also died Oyama, a three and four nights tour. The sound of the bells going to and from Oyama departs from the distance on the Oyama highway in the evening, and the Nikko inn and Mizoguchi inn are crowded with customers of Oyama Shrine. Since ancient times, Akutoshi Shrine was believed as a god of agriculture, and it was believed that it would be raining if rain begins especially when the drought continues, indeed it was believed that it would rain without fail, in fact it rained when it began to rain, so that each village Oyama lecture has been organized from early on and the believer builds Oyama lantern at a certain place in the village every year in the mountain opening of July 26, and attached a light lit up night after August. Oyama lantern standing along the Oyama Highway was also a signpost of Oyama Lecture passing through at night. This lantern is the real thing that the former Takatsu village built in front of Niko Shrine, which was a scene of the summer of the day. It was rebuilt at the end of the Taisho era in total lizard-making and lighted up with a light bulb. In the past, it was built on two farms&39; landings, oiled and candlelighted. ※ The silhouette of this plate mimics Oyama. Great mountain path


auto-translate 山灯Oyama是神奈川县中部的一座山,海拔1246米,有许多年降雨量和雨山别名。山顶有阿希德神社,山上有着名的大仙寺,着名的仙人和着名的大仙寺,他们统称为大山先生,长期以来被农业普通百姓认为是农业,商业繁荣,是的。作为Akutoshi Shrine的牧师和Daisenji寺的牧师,“老师”,教师在关东1日元有一个特定的覆盖范围,并不断访问村庄,并组织了Oyama信仰宣传和Oyama讲座。从江户文化发展的中期开始,小山信仰就变得真实,江户市民组织了许多大山讲座,一起攀登山群。因为它也是Rakugo的主题,穿过Oyama高速公路从Edo到Isehara遵循Oyama攀登崇拜,前往Hiratsuka一条路,看到Enoshima Kamakura Fujisawa等历史遗迹,穿过神奈川船到品川到江户改变的过程是江户市民的旅游舒适之旅,他也死了Oyama,一个三和四夜的旅游。晚上从小山高速公路出发,往返小山的钟声响起,日光客栈和沟口客栈挤满了大山神社的顾客。自古以来,Akutoshi Shrine被认为是农业之神,据信如果下雨开始下雨就会下雨,特别是在干旱持续的时候,确实相信它会下雨而且不会失败,事实上下雨时会下雨,所以每个村庄都会下雨Oyama讲座从早期开始组织,信徒每年在7月26日的山口开放,在村庄的某个地方建造Oyama灯笼,并在8月之后附近一盏明亮的夜晚。沿着大山公路站立的小山灯也是晚上穿过的Oyama Lecture的路标。这个灯笼是前Takatsu村庄在Niko Shrine前面建造的真实的东西,这是一个夏天的场景。它在大正时代结束时重建了完整的蜥蜴制造,并用灯泡点亮。过去,它建在两个农场的上岸,上油和烛光。 ※这个板块的轮廓模仿大山。伟大的山路


 大山 は神奈川県中央部にある山岳で標高1,246メートル、年間降雨量が多く雨降山の別名がある。
 阿夫利神社の神官や大山寺の社僧を「 御師 」といった、御師は関東一円に特定の受持ち区域を持ち常々村々を巡回し大山信仰の布教と 大山講 の組織作りにつとめた。
 大山信仰がさかんになったのは江戸文化が発達した中期頃からで、江戸市民は多くの大山 を組織して集団で登山参拝した。
 落語の題材にもなっているように、江戸から大山街道を通り伊勢原に至り大山登山参拝後は一路平塚に出て、江の島 鎌倉 藤沢等の名所旧跡を見物し神奈川より舟で品川に渡り江戸に変える行程は、江戸市民が 大山詣 を兼ねた、三、四泊の観光慰安旅行であった。
 大山街道 沿いに立つ大山燈籠は夜間通過する大山講中道標 ともなった。

※ このプレートのシルエットは大山を模したものです。大山道


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