大棚山 真福寺



タグ: 埼玉県 秩父市


auto-translate Large shelf mount Shin-ji Temple
City designated historic Temple second This temple is old, Kannon favored five and a half tetrahedrons, etc called main hall, Bill Hall, Deva, Buddha's disciples Temple, Inari Shrine, Suwa shrine etc. were these buildings was on fire and burned, pulled part of the altar and the sculptures, we are being diverted to the present Hall, but recalled the splendor of the olden by these.
The deity is in the Saint's statue of 一木造ri and height 64 糎 said made in the Muromachi period and. The old woman statue, large shelves of chiko Zen master to enshrine in the region 暫々 to pray, zenji Aya, you ask this woman, Shingo village farmer's wife in. It has visited and want to escape strong jealousy greedy devil himself Kannon I turn to you. As most Zen masters tell mercy Shingo is the goddess of mercy, Buddha will be safe and wide prayer gaining faith and suffering during the same rather attempt enshrined in the large shelf. Joy is an old woman, presented the bamboo cane tazu returned to the Zen master dogen's ' this is not human, this fuse today shall ' and say let go and matsukaze blowing, like a cloud without the old woman.
A Zen master dogen's after the lucky this miracle enshrined in the temple prayer Koichi long fresh Kannon spiritual trail say that there are. 1/25/1965 Chichibu City Education Committee specification

auto-translate 大架山善寺
这座寺庙是旧、 观音青睐五个半四面体、 等称为大殿,比尔大厅里,天王,佛陀的弟子寺、 Inari 神社、 诹访靖国神社等都是这些建筑物起火,烧毁,被拉扯的祭坛和雕塑,一部分我们被转到了目前的大厅,但由这些回顾辉煌的过去。神是在一木造ri 的圣人雕像和高度 64 糎说在室町时期和。
老女人的雕像,大货架的地子禅掌握供奉在区域暫々 祈祷,禅师阿雅,你问这个女人,真吾村农民的妻子。它访问了,想要逃脱强烈的嫉妒贪婪的魔鬼一样我转向你的观音。正如大多数的禅宗大师告诉怜悯吾是仁慈的女神,佛将安全宽祈祷获得信心和在同一期间遭受了宁愿尝试载和大的架子。快乐是一位老妇人回到了禅宗大师道竹蔗 tazu 提出了一种 '这不是人类,这种熔断器今天应' 说放手和松风吹来,像一片云没有老女人。禅宗大师 dogen 后幸运这一奇迹载寺祈祷 Koichi 悠长清新观音精神线索说有。
1965/1/25 秩父市教育委员会规范

大棚山 真福寺
市指定史跡 札所二番
 この札所は昔、観音堂南向五間半四面、ほか本堂、札堂、仁王門、 羅漢堂、稲荷社、諏訪社等があったといわれ、これらの建物は火災にあって焼失し、須弥壇や彫刻の一部は取り出されて現在の堂に転用されておりますが、これらによっても昔時の盛観が偲ばれます。又、本尊は聖観世音立像一木造り、高さ六四糎で室町時代の作といわれております。
昭和40年1月25日 秩父市教育委員会指定


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タグ: 埼玉県 秩父市
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タグ: 埼玉県 秩父市
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タグ: 埼玉県 秩父市
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タグ: 埼玉県 秩父市