神瀧山開宮寺 井口院



タグ: 薬師如来 関東八十八ヶ所霊場 多摩新四国八十八ヶ所霊場 東京都 三鷹市


auto-translate Ryuzan open Palace Temple Iguchi,
Kiyonaga Osho in Nakano hosen Temple No. 19 II with heavy cooperation ishigami Imura wells mouth hachiro left Mamoru gate spring and enshrined the healing, opened the Temple in this area.
Was been called Majesty and the mine empty temple Dragon God at first, but now open Palace Temple wells mouth, and renamed 0/1672 (1672).
Since then until today, derived from Kishu negoro-ji Temple temple has been stretched closely with local communities.

Also no. 70 of the Kanto pilgrimage sacred places, the TAMA Shin-Shikoku pilgrimage temples No. is known as the third Temple, visited by many pilgrims throughout the year.
◆ pray for Goma, monthly 28 various types of Homa for Bong, a particularly positive and 5.9 months large Homa specimen will Bong Shu. • Cleanse your incantations of the car's Bong Shu from time to time.
And on new year's day morning: on most Homa Bong Shu.
◆ the main perspectives "comfort jizo" and enshrined the mizuko kuyo.
◆ segaki (August 3)
◆ Higan Memorial (spring and autumn equinox, China)
• Opening of the Shikoku pilgrimage (monthly, 15, 21)
◆ pray for Shakyo reception (great fudoson Temple in Kobo Daishi pedestal within a perpetual Hou) ◆ You can use as a funeral to funeral = real estate.
(Except event days at hinatayama) ◆ the right application of the section in advance please contact. (Call 0422-46-6755-)

auto-translate Ryuzan 打开宫庙井口,

清修奥修在中野盛寺第二 19 号与重合作砥上龙东井嘴八郎左卫门弹簧和庄严的愈合,在这个地区开庙。
被人称为陛下和矿井空寺龙上帝在第一次,但现在宫寺井开口,和改名为 0/1672年 (1672)。
从那时起直到今天,来自纪州 ろ 吉寺已被拉长密切与当地社区。
此外号 70 的关东朝圣圣地,号称为第三圣殿,TAMA Shin 四国朝圣寺庙参观了由许多朝圣者全年。

◆ 戈马,每月 28 各种类型的马山为祈祷邦,特别积极,5.9 个月大型 Homa 标本将奉舒。
• 从时间到时间清洗车邦舒你咒语。 在新一年的一天早上 ︰ 大多数 Homa 奉书。
◆ 主要观点"舒适菩萨"和庄严瑞子 kuyo。
◆ segaki (八月三日)
◆ Higan 纪念品 (春天和秋天昼夜平分点,中国)
• 开放的四国朝圣之旅 (每月,15,21)
◆ 祈求 Shakyo 接待 (大南寺在 Kobo 大师基座内永久侯)
您可以使用作为一个葬礼葬礼 ◆ = 房地产。 (除了在 hinatayama 事件天)
◆ 适当的应用程序的部分提前请联系。 (叫 0422年-46-6755-)

神瀧山開宮寺 井口院

 中野宝仙寺の第十九世であった清長和尚は石神井村井口八郎左衛門春重の協力を得て薬師如来 を奉安し、この地に寺を開かれました。
 また関東八十八ヶ所霊場 第七十番、多摩新四国八十八ヶ所霊場 第三番札所としてしられ、年間を通じて多くの巡礼者が訪れています。



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