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The Bond between Okinawa and Hawaii Part.1

The ravages of the Pacific War brought disaster and catastrophic damage to the island of Okinawa. Under these harsh conditions, the people of the island were forced to eke out a living, even as they struggled to find food amidst the scorched landscape.
News of the devastation in Okinawa was conveyed to Hawaii via returning soldiers and wartime translators from the U.S. military. The testimony of Taro Higa in particular, who had taken part in the Battle of Okinawa, stirred the hearts of the Hawaiian Uchinanchu (Okinawan) community.
“The island is devoid of people and the furu (pig pens) are empty.”
An indispensable source of food, Okinawa contained over 100,000 pigs in the prewar period. After the war, this number had plummeted to just 7,731 (according to the Ryukyu Government’s 1946 records), leaving Okinawa in a dire situation.
Seeing that their ancestral homeland was in tragic shape and in need of aid, the Uchinanchu of Hawaii worried for their home towns and wondered if there was any way that they could help the island’s recovery. As a result, a large number of relief foundations were established. One of these, the United Okinawan Assistance Association of Hawaii had the idea of sending live pigs to Okinawa to aid in the relief effort. Pigs were more than merely a source of food, as their waste could also be used to fertilize and enrich farmland, and the resulting crops would find their way back to each family’s dinner table.
The Association set about raising funds, believing that Okinawa would be all right as long as the pigs could be delivered. Thanks to the efforts of its members and the fervent wills of Hawaii’s Uchinanchu community, they succeeded in raising $50,000 in donations. For comparison, the monthly salary of an Okinawan public official at the time was $25.
This money was used to purchase 550 pigs. The ship that they contracted for the journey was called the Owen. The Hawaiian Uchinanchu men on board eventually came to be known as “the seven heroes.”

沖縄とハワイの絆 1
 沖縄は太平洋戦争の戦禍により、壊滅的な被害を受け、荒廃し、県民は焦土と化した地で食糧難に苦しみ、過酷な状況下での生活を強いられました。そのような惨状は、米軍に招集され、沖縄戦 を直接体験した帰還兵や通訳兵により、様々な形でハワイに伝えられました。中でも、沖縄戦 に従軍した比嘉太郎氏の報告は、ハワイのウチナーンチュの心を揺さぶりました。


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沖縄とハワイの絆 1

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