登録文化財 二水会館(旧水海道町役場)



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auto-translate Book cultural heritage 2 water Hall (formerly mitsukaido Town Hall) 2 water Hall is built as the town of mitsukaido Sakae-Cho, Dong Hotel 0/1913 (1913).
Hall balconies be sure hands of craftsmen and master carpenter with the enthusiasm of the populace to such as are replaced by railway transportation of the kinu River was at that time, the cornerstone of the cultural and economic exchanges, a new era was a time when local town hall building is the symbol of the area at that time thought-provoking progressive spirit. And the main hall of the Western-style design, (4.5 tatami), corridor, Japanese-style room (ft.) to the North in the design of Japanese-style next to the 1 line (now modified).
South Western and Northern style double structure, similar things such as culture House in Taisho period Japanese consists of Western and then the other with a Japanese-style house as a Western-style of hospitality and life at the Meiji era and the parlor houses should. Central Hall with front width 11 m, depth 7.2 m, 4.4 meters high ceiling space is actually in a one-story, exterior Windows arranged horizontally, turning torso bellows between have built second floor winds.
-Western-style architecture of the early Meiji period, such as with canopy on the front porch, has out Western-style feel better as a whole, and canopy columns with leading Japanese line, epitomizes the Western style with traditional techniques to make something there. 0/1984 (1984) after the 2 rivers of the Kinugawa River, kokai River, was moved to its present location and was christened 2 Hall.
0/1997 (1997) than the countries listed registered cultural asset.
Institutional buildings such as registration cultural asset system = construction after 50 years has passed, have contributed to the historical landscape of the country, have become the norms of expressing is not easy to protect, and then saved as a cultural asset, utilize support token. Joso City Board of education

auto-translate 书文化遗产 2 水 (以前 mitsukaido 大会堂) 厅

2 水堂建是 mitsukaido 东酒店 0/1913年荣町镇 (1913 年)。 大厅阳台可确保手工匠和熟练的木匠师傅与民众的热情,如取而代之的是铁路运输的职河是当时,基石的文化和经济交流,一个新的时代也时当地市政厅大楼区域在那时间发人深省的进取精神的象征。
主殿的西式设计,(4.5 榻榻米),走廊,向北 (现在修改) 1 行旁边的日式风格设计的日式房间 (英尺)。 南西部和北部风格双重结构,如文化日本大正时期的房子西方由和组成然后其他日式房子与西式的热情好客和生活在明治时代和客厅房子应该类似的事情。
中央大厅前台宽 11 米,深度 7.2 m,高 4.4 米吊顶空间实际上在一层、 外部 Windows 水平排列,转动躯干波纹管之间有建二楼风。 -西方-风格建筑的明治初期,如与冠层在前门廊,已出西式的感觉作为一个整体和冠层列与领先的日本生产线,更好地集中体现了西方风格与传统的技术,使那里的东西。
0/1984年 (1984 年) 后鬼怒川河、 科考伊河、 2 河流移动到其目前的位置,被命名为 2 厅。 0/1997年 (1997 年) 比国家列出已注册的文化资产。
机构的建筑物,例如注册文化资产系统 = 施工后 50 年过去了,历史景观的国家作出了贡献,已成为规范的表达并不是容易保护,然后作为一项文化资产保存、 利用支持令牌。

登録文化財 二水会館(旧水海道町役場)



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