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auto-translate Island
(Fujiwara no Toshinari "Shin Kokin Wakashū"), "a"fake Naniwa Matsushima guys come again, come back and cauded the w'rl cauded (your island) is "sweet heart cauded correct nurenu and eyes and how to" (source of dolls of the Toba Academy Master light woman "before as '), written as an utamakura. 5/9/1689 (1689, Memorial 6/25), visited Ojima island after Basho, from shiogama visits zuiganji Temple Matsushima coast arrived by boat. Sora was accompanied by Basho's travel diary, "his island, kumoi-Zen meditation hall with. Town Hall South (d) Ningbo ilsan-monument sentence have. North (d)-an advantage.
Mind and the way of living, "Aru.
In "okunohosomichi" impression of the cauded Ojima island is ISO in tsudzu came to the sea out of Shima Tatsuya. With the Zen Stone, the Reverend is a separate track. M., pine trees, not one of whom I also rarely we see waiting, Gleanings, a cone, Pat is a grass occupantmight, housekeeping sea so stop the missed target, while any man the the day view and new including. Trying.
"Land tsudzu coming" that would be a mistake. Cauded is sacred atmosphere island where trained people pilgrims and monks zuiganji Temple and Yukari are deeply hewn and many on the island, stupa, Buddhist statues and niches, gathered from countries than in the past. At the southern end of the island kencho-ji Temple mountain one asked Ken monument was designated of Ningbo (Ningbo ilsan) 撰文 (0/1307, 1307), detailed history of the island is inscription. I.e., 12 century first seen 12 years spent in the Lotus Sutra recited a Buddhist Saint and erected a strange sensation-an in the late 13 century, is asked it, dammed tamahagane on the island for 22 years, seen be as respected as the reincarnation of the Buddha. "Grass Hermitage" is erected 0/1659 (1660) asked me, strange sensation-an-LI pines singing Iori (0/1922 destroyed and later rebuilt). See the Buddha Hall was on the north side of the island.
Kumoi Zazen Temple in "catching 不住 hotels" remains only in the middle of the island.
Matsushima town
Matsushima Tourist Association
--- Matsuo Basho

auto-translate 岛屿

(藤原没有 Toshinari"申科锦 Wakashū")、"a"假浪速松岛家伙再来,回来和 cauded w'rl cauded (你的小岛) 是"心里甜 cauded 正确 nurenu 和眼睛和如何"(鸟羽学院硕士轻女娃娃源"之前作为 '),被写成 utamakura。
1689/5/9 (1689 年,纪念 6/25)、 大岛岛上参观后芭蕉、 从盐釜访问 zuiganji 寺松岛海岸乘船到达。 Sora 陪同芭蕉的旅行日记,"他岛,与云居禅宗打坐大殿。 市政厅南 (d) 宁波一山纪念碑句子了。 (D) 北-优势。 身心的生活方式,"阿鲁。
在"okunohosomichi"印象中的 cauded
大岛岛是在 tsudzu 的 ISO 来到海出岛达也。 与禅宗石,牧师是一个单独的轨道。 M.,松树,没有一个人我也很少我们看到等待,遗落,锥,帕特是草 occupantmight,管家海所以别错过的目标,而任何男子日视图和新包括。 试着。 "土地 tsudzu 到来",将是一个错误。
Cauded 是训练有素的人朝圣者和僧侣 zuiganji 寺和由香里深深地凿的神圣气氛岛和许多岛屿、 佛塔、 佛像和佛龛,从国家搜集的比过去。 在南端的岛屿镰长寺山一问肯纪念碑被指定的宁波 (宁波一山) 撰文 (0/1307年,1307年)、 海岛的详细的历史是题字。 即,12 世纪第一次看到 12 年花在妙法莲华背诵佛教圣和竖立奇怪感觉一晚 13 世纪,问它,堰 tamahagane 22 年来,岛上见过是佛陀转世一样受人尊敬。 "草冬宫"是竖立的 0/1659年 (1660) 问我,奇怪的感觉一个李松树唱歌京都 (0/1922 年摧毁,之后重建)。 看到佛殿是岛北侧。 云居坐禅寺"捉不住酒店"仍只在岛中央。


 雄島(御島)は、「立ち帰り またも来てみん 松島や 雄島のとまや 浪にあらすな」(藤原俊成新古今和歌集』)、「心ある 雄島のあまの 袂かな 目やどれとは ぬれぬものから」(後鳥羽院の官女源師光の女『前同』)と、歌枕として詠まれている。
 元禄二年五月九日 (一六八九、陽暦六月二十五日)、芭蕉は、塩釜から船で松島海岸に着き、瑞巌寺に詣でた後、雄島を訪れた。芭蕉に同行した曽良の『旅日記』には、「御島、雲居ノ座禅堂有。ソノ南ニ寧一山ノ碑之文有。北ニ庵有。道心者住ス」とある。
雄島が磯は地つゞきて海に出たる嶋也。雲居禅師 の別室の跡、座禅石など有。将、松の木陰に世をいとふ人も稀々見え待りて、落穂、松笠など打けぶりたる草の庵閑に住なし、いかなる人とはしられずながら、先なつかしく立寄ほどに、月海にうつりて、昼のながめ又あらたむ。としている。「地つゞきて」は誤りであろう。


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