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Tokaido Honjin Honjin in the Edo period feudal lords and nobles, government officials who refers to the hotel to rest, or stay the night. Kanei shougun system has begun accelerating improvement from the years around the base is always placed in the post town of 5.
Unlike Honjin inns can accommodate visitors are allowed in the special build a gate, door, terrace and influential people of the town were allowed family name wearing a sword, the main character of the Honjin.
Base lodging Fukuroi-Juku-Higashi team situation Fukuroi city designated cultural properties describing the status of the 17 years between 0/1618 (1618) and 0/1634 (1634) "base your guestbook" from wells.
An act clan system initial 2 years after starting with Fukuroi-Juku was established is very valuable. Stated that is extremely simple, use of the closed-is mentioned only by night, closed night charge, and users. To organize closed nights of every month over the past 17 years is all about, and as a whole exceeds and breaks and are both 30. Slightly break often, but almost half and half and the lodging establishment of other than 15 years late, but since it opened accommodation is quite active was considered. Also use number of times throughout the year, and about 20 to 40 times a year, the vast majority 0/1626 is (16 d 6) and 0/1634 (1634) offers over 70 times by the influence of generals cospatio is worth noting. Also, with regard to the use of monthly compared to other 附ki for December is larger.
Shougun is institutionalized, the Tozama daimyo shift ended April 1 and fdai large name change during June many became, but cannot because unfortunately this book is is divided by 0/1634 (1634), revised the Buke of shipwrecked next year system of sankin, knowing the situation since the holiday night.
Considered were utilized for the ISE Kobe Castle 15000 stone MH naomori and Mikawa country treasure County katahara Gosen, Matsudaira Qing was reused Higashi honganji team in 17 years to and from the territory and the Edo period.
Use of the Honjin Take advantage of the Honjin daimyo such procedures. First for each base reportedly closed night booking, if available from the Honjin submits the confirmation. Originated the harbinger to avoid this after the 差合 and the other Lords, vassals, Lords from meet up prior to the harness into the local's accommodations, hoisted on deck, lined curtain with crests on the front door, light a lantern, and formal dress is the base b and the slip Inn.
Given the preparation time for 4:00 Customs is the departure of the matrix 1:00-was probably the 2 at getting up.
Management system of Honjin It was not closed per night fee is the main income of the Honjin, but especially determined to leave night fee, referred to as "his gift" personality. Higashi honganji staff using numerous "naomori Ichiyanagi and Matsudaira Qing consistent sentences from 2 sentences (1000 statements-2000) had paid lined coat, Katabira (taremaku), cloth and paper, as well as the money that often seems. Also there was Imperial and various types of assistance from the floor (d) is difficult to maintain which means holiday nights always exceeded 00 square edifice that was struggling.
Said "rarely is back 10 you pay 50, pipe" quite as was required on a replenishment of these items is taken away to the base provided, like bowls, plates and other furniture from hateha to folding screens, bedding, clothing and spending. Gradually from when aggravating financial management of the Honjin, are slightly more during the Boshin dragon war, after the Meiji Restoration, Tashiro home base go out of business, resigns post of tenma-Office (from Tonya renamed 6/1868). Postal servicesCombine with the opening of the Commission was the Commission, building of Higashi honganji and Fukuroi post office first.


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本阵在江户时期封建地主和贵族,政府官员,他们指的是酒店休息,还是留下来过夜。 兼井 shougun 系统已开始加速改进从基地周围年始终放在 5 邮政镇。 与本阵饭店可容纳不同特殊内部版本允许参观门、 门、 阳台和有影响力的人的小镇被允许姓戴着一把剑,本阵的主要特征。
Fukuroi-补习-东银团队情况 Fukuroi 市指定描述状态的 0/1618年 17 年间的文化属性 (1618) 和 0/1634年 (1634)"基地意见簿"从井中。 初始的行为氏族制度 2 年后开始与 Fukuroi 补习成立是非常宝贵的。
说那就是极其简单,使用封闭-只有晚上,封闭的晚上充用户所提及。 组织封闭夜晚在过去的 17 年里每个月都只是作为一个整体超过和打破和两个 30。 略有打破经常,但几乎一半,另一半和审议其他住宿建立比 15 年较晚,但自从它打开的住宿是相当活跃。 此外使用次数在全年中,大约每 20 年至 40 倍,绝大多数 0/1626年是 (16 d 6) 和 0/1634年 (1634) 提供超过 70 倍的将军 cospatio 的影响值得注意的是。 此外,与顾及每月 12 日相比其他附ki 的用途是大的。 Shougun 制度化、 外样大名转移结束 4 月 1 日和 6 月许多人成为了,但不能因为不幸的是这本书是戴姆勒大名称变化除以 0/1634年 (1634 年),订正不渴遇船难者下一年制的羟,知道假日晚上以来的情况。
被认为是用于伊势神户城堡 15000 石头 MH 真盛和国之瑰宝三河县方原纤,重用 Matsudaira 清东本愿寺团队在 17 年,从领土和江户时代。
本阵大名利用这种程序。 首次预订,每个基地据报封闭过夜如果索取本阵提交确认。 发源于预兆来避免这种情况后差合和其他上议院,附庸国,从见面前到当地的住宿、 束悬挂在甲板上上, 议院内衬与波峰上前门,灯一盏提灯,幕和礼服是基地 b 和滑移客栈。 海关给出的 4:00 的准备时间是离境的矩阵 1:00-可能是在起床 2。
它没有关闭每晚费用是主要收入来源的本阵,但尤其是下定决心要离开称作是"他的礼物"人格的过夜费。 东银本愿寺工作人员使用众多"真盛 Ichiyanagi 和 Matsudaira 清支付了一致的句子从 2 句子 (1000年语句-2000) 内衬外套、 卡塔比亚 (taremaku)、 布和纸,以及经常看起来的钱。 也有被帝国和各种类型的援助从地板 (d) 很难保持这意味着节日的夜晚总是超过 00 平方米的大厦而陷入困境。 说:"很少是回你支付 50,10 管"很是需要补充这些项目带走到基地提供,像只碗、 盘子和其他家具从 hateha 到屏风、 床上用品、 服装和支出。
逐渐从时加重财务管理的本阵,是稍微戊辰龙战争期间之后明治维新时期,田大本营歇业,辞职天马办公室一职, (从托尼亚更名为 6/1868年)。 邮政服务开放结合是委员会的委员会、 东银大厦本愿寺和 Fukuroi 邮局第一。


 袋井宿 東本陣の利用状況は元和四年(一六一八)から寛永十一年(一六三四)までの十七年間の状況を記した袋井市指定文化財「本陣御宿帳」からうかがい知ることができます。袋井宿が開設されてから二年後に始まる幕藩体制初期の宿帳は大変に貴重なものです。


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