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auto-translate Book 26 Saints boarding Park Trail
Among the martyrs of Japan, was executed on the grounds that Japan 26 martyrs, it is 2/1596, Nagasaki, nishizaka Christian missionaries, Christians in the first. Christianity has made an effort to Spain Franciscan priest Peter Bautista in Manila after the missionary, as Envoy to the Philippines Governor-General in 1593 to Japan to interview with Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the Korean team headquarters of Hizen-Nagoya, Japan-Philippines trade treaty to San-felibe entry case, Toyotomi Hideyoshi issued a ban by the captured along with Japan's Kyoto, Osaka.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi to inflict only to severely punish the martyrs by overland on foot or in a horse, one day about 7-8 RI and walked slowly. 1/9, Sakai 24 standing Christian believers as Sakai, Himeji, Okayama, Hiroshima, 1/31 arrived at Hakata. In a village near Hizen Nago person the next day, Yamamoto captivity is 26 and proceeded to Nagasaki.
And before long, uphill climb way beyond reach bale pass of Omura, like Lake in Omura Bay great good was. Peter Bautista rest in there, sitting on the rock and meditated. Now heading into the jaws of death... and growing. But even colleagues just began a missionary had listened to the whole body and soul, it will come with dying.
And seemed to collapse and Peter Bautista gave all work is empty, without abundant tears fell.
Trying a little after noon, martyrs, he said to the punch. Over time, the martyrs of Franciscan workers except all hands are tied, he went down to the beach of the pestle, and was holding three ships there. Martyrs who were let aboard their ships and headed for tidal waterway. Started to shine in the sky Zangetsu, boat went into quiet water while sounding sound monotony of twinkle lights in the fishing villages around the coast.
2/5 the 26 martyrs were executed in Nagasaki nishizaka.

6/7/1862, a solemn celebration of got to canonize Pope Pius x 9 26 martyrs Church faces nishizaka.
It is built with the cooperation of many people in 1986, Japan 26 Saints boarding Park Trail memorial monument to commemorate the footprints of this martyr. East he higashisonogi, Nagasaki

auto-translate 书 26 圣徒登机公园径

其中对日本的烈士,被处死为由日本 26 烈士,它是 2/1596,长崎,nishizaka 基督教传教士,在第一个基督徒。
基督教进行了努力,向西班牙方济各会教士彼得 · 包蒂斯塔在马尼拉后传教士,作为特使前往菲律宾总督在 1593 到日本采访丰臣秀吉在肥前名古屋,日本的韩国团队总部-菲律宾贸易条约到 San felibe 条目的情况下,丰臣秀吉发出禁令的捕获与日本的京都、 大阪。 丰臣秀吉只有造成严重惩罚由烈士陆路步行或一匹马,一天关于 7 8 RI 和走得很慢。
1/9,酒井 24 站基督教信徒酒井、 姬路、 冈山、 广岛、 博多到达 1/31。 在一个村庄附近肥前名护人第二天,山本圈养是 26,前往长崎。 和超越的漫长而艰苦的攀登方式到达之前舀水村通,像在大村湾大良湖。
在那里,坐在岩石上和打坐的彼得 · 包蒂斯塔休息。 现在进入鬼门关...和增长。 但即使同事刚开始传教士听了整个身体和灵魂,就会死亡。 似乎要崩溃和彼得 · 包蒂斯塔给了所有的工作是空的没有丰富的眼泪就出来了。
随着时间推移,方济各会的工人除了所有双手被缚都住的烈士,他走到海滩的杵着,握着三艘船有。 让他们船,直奔潮汐水道的烈士。 船开始 Zangetsu 天空中闪烁,走进平静的水面,虽然听起来声音单调的闪烁灯在海岸周围的渔村。 2/5 26 烈士在长崎 nishizaka 被处死。
1862/6/7,隆重庆祝要推崇教皇 Pius x 9 26 烈士教堂脸 nishizaka。

它是建立与合作的很多人在 1986 年,日本 26 圣徒登上公园径纪念碑,以纪念该烈士的足迹。
东他 higashisonogi,长崎


 スペイン人のフランシスコ会司祭ペトロ・バウチスタはマニラで布教ののち、フイリピン総督の使節として1593年来日、肥前名護屋の朝鮮陣本営で豊臣秀吉 と会見するなど日比通商条約締結に努力したが、サン・フェリベ号入港事件を契機とする、豊臣秀吉のキリスト教禁教令の強化により、京都、大阪のキリシタンとともに捕えられた。豊臣秀吉は、殉教者達を厳しく罰することで人々へのみせしめにしようと陸路を徒歩で、或いは馬で、1日約7~8里とゆっくり歩かせた。



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