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auto-translate Absolute bridge
Reportedly this bridge built across the River in the town of absolute Furukawa city three days old in the utamakura famous bridge and relentlessly. That is old, rough male River (River) was called Tamatsukuri River and this river goes south from the northern part of the current urban area, was joined with the naruse River.
Estimated Tamatsukuri River changed the flow to the East since the 7 century, formed the current terrain.
Bridge built over this river, called the rest later changed to Tamatsukuri River in the course of a river, the balls together (life) extinct, i.e. some absolute River is called the bridge and absolute, and led to the now.
Places of Furukawa is that due to the name developed on the riverbed of this extinct.
Bridge in absolute terms from initial yorozha age "white, and absolute of Shin" (shiratama, Hugo of chopsticks "-reading depends on the Manyoshu, poem of early Kamakura era) and expresses the feelings of the tragic love in volume 藤袴 of the tale of Genji, written in old.
Undertaking this tradition, used one of 36 poets, left Kyoto University husband Fujiwara no way ya ISE Miya our child in the Imperial Prince impulsive excellent poems,
Michinoku to Hugo of the bridge and it will
Fumi were among thy window already (later Shu) Turned over. In came by this romance ended in a tragedy, but this song is in the nijūichidaishū gills and absolute bridge to settle as a first-rate song pillow.
Selected song title of one of utamakura Showplace in the Imperial Palace attractions after the Court poetry, 10/1215 (1216), Emperor juntoku was organised by hundred, other in many poetry and song writing, and succeeded in some absolute bridge was recognized as the National Edition utamakura.
5/1689 (1689-Lunar 6/26), haiku poet Matsuo Basho "of Oku no hosomichi' journey was leaving, Matsushima, and headed north.
12 the peace fountain and mind cutting, is the sister of pine trees, Hugo together of trackless rarely rise of juvenile Hare 蒭 蕘?, 聞伝ete bridge, and the road there so after road Fumi tagaete And the memos. Basho utamakura of absolute bridge in the heart of could not visit this place, but was pulled by たがえて Fumi road. However, the written "keep Oku no hosomichi" from this song pillow became a land with a rhyme for people who adore the place.

0/1770 (1770), haiku poet 暮雨 streets of Kato Wonhyo units in this by the bridge from ", without mentioning Hugo and mid-through desire dream" would say that ranged from a deep traditional thoughts to the utamakura of absolute bridge, you play the poets hatsc is not only the Basho Memorial.
On the restoration of the monument
With restored 断碑 0/1996, existed in the Municipal Gallery of absolute Museum opened.
断碑, "work as bridge on various absolute bridge wheat rain, while" and was inscribed, but will be when around from unclear or missing.
There are theories about the phrase at the top of the Shida-gun history history (0/1912), wrote on the snow or snow bridge to understand. On the 断碑 back, "culture 4 u 10/12" (1807) of engraved nameplate, but on this day famous haiku poet Basho 112 times hit on the anniversary of the death. Writing therefore, Basho to Shenzhen mid takes days to "snow call or take a on the bridge", as a source "snow or snow hangs a bridge" and seems to be engraved.
0/1807 Lunar 10/12 may have had with snow.
To be erected upon peach blue loathsome about restoring the monument originated from of Basho's praise of Furukawa old haiku societies wheat rain, people first, did the monument restoration here.
Eiichiro esashi, a descendant of 江刺屋 statement of the rain of the last monument was erected in cooperation with who. Furukawa City Board of education


auto-translate 绝对的桥

据说这座桥建绝对古川市城中河三天老 utamakura 著名的大桥和无情。
这就是老、 粗糙男河 (河) 名叫玉作河,这条河从当前的城市地区,北部往南一道成濑河。 估计玉作河改流为东自 7 世纪以来,形成了现有的地形。
这条河,叫休息后改为玉作河一条河,球在一起 (生活) 灭绝,即一些绝对的河上建桥已称为桥和绝对,而且导致现在。
桥的绝对值从初始 yorozha 年龄"白色,和绝对的善"(shiratama,雨果的筷子"-阅读取决于 Manyoshu,早期镰仓时代诗) 和表达感情的卷藤袴物语,写在老的爱情悲剧。
承担这一传统,使用 36 诗人之一,没有办法离开京都大学丈夫藤原雅伊势米亚帝国王子冲动杰出的诗歌,我们的孩子
富米等你窗口已经 (后蜀)
翻了。 在走过这段爱情以悲剧告终,但这首歌是在 nijūichidaishū 鳃和绝对桥作为一流歌枕解决。 后法院诗歌,10/1215年在皇宫景点中选择歌曲标题之一的 utamakura 剧院 (1216),皇帝准笃是组织由百,其他很多诗歌和写歌,并成功在一些绝对桥被公认为国内版 utamakura。
5/1689年 (1689年农历 6/26),俳句诗人松尾芭蕉"的奥会之细未 ' 旅程离开的时候,松岛,和向北走。
12 和平喷泉和心灵切割,是松树的妹妹,在一起的无轨 Hugo 很少上升的少年野兔蒭蕘?,聞伝ete 桥和那里的路这么后路士谧 tagaete
和备忘录。 芭蕉 utamakura 的绝对大桥的心不能访问这个地方,而被由 taがete 士谧路拖。 然而,书面"留奥会之细未"从这首歌枕成为土地与以同韵的人崇拜的地方。 0/1770年 (1770 年),俳句诗人暮雨街道的加藤元单位在这由从桥",而没有提及雨果和中期通过欲望梦想"会说,从到的绝对桥 utamakura 深厚的传统思想,你玩的诗人 hatsc 不是只有芭蕉纪念碑。

与恢复断碑 0/1996年,存在于市的绝对博物馆开画廊。
有的理论对顶部的石大枪史 (0/1912) 一词,写在雪或雪桥来理解。
在断碑后,"文化 4 u 10/12"(1807 年) 刻铭牌,但在这一天著名的俳句诗人芭蕉 112 次打逝世一周年。 因此写,芭蕉到深圳中期需要几天到"雪呼叫或采取在桥上",作为源"雪垂悬桥"似乎被刻。 0/1807年农历 10/12 可能有雪。


 この伝統をうけて、中古三十六歌仙の一人、左京大夫藤原道雅 は伊勢の斎宮当子内親王に直情的なすぐれた和歌、
 ふみみふまずみ心まどはす (後拾遺集
をおくった。この恋愛は悲劇に終わったが、この歌が勅撰和歌集にえらばれたことによって、諸絶の橋は第一級の歌枕として定着するに至ったのである。この後、宮廷歌会では、建保三年十月(一二一六年)、順徳天皇 の主催した内裏名所百首では歌枕名所百選のひとつの歌題に選定され、その他多くの歌会・歌合で詠みつがれ、諸絶の橋は全国版歌枕として認識されたのである。
 元禄二年五月十日(一六八九年・陰暦六月二十六日)、俳人松尾芭蕉 は「おくのほそ道」の旅にあったが、松島を去って北へと向かった。

 断碑には、「掛りたる橋の上 諸絶橋 麥雨社中」と刻まれていたが、上の句がいつ頃から欠けたのかは定かでない。


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