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auto-translate The origin of the head dragon shrine, the festival nine dragons Meigami one, the festival day June 13 festival every month the thirteenth monthly festival 1, the sunset place Hakone cho, the former Hakodate letter Wada Nozaki Okinawa, 101, Yuri Shrine The origin of the Nara period, the Tenpyo Baisha era year (757) Masamaki superior who was devoted to the current location of Hakone shrine surrendered the nine-head dragon who had given damages to residents then, then as a dragon god , It is the beginning that the Lake Festival began to take place. The Shinto shrine was mainly subjected to Yamabushi&39;s strong faith fighting along with Dojima Benzaiten and Minekasemi Shinkansen sixth heavenly corporation, mainly focusing on Hakone exercises that studied with Buddhist priests, especially Shuhou, but abolition of Meiji Restoration Route I have been honored secretly with you. It is recent years that the worship of the shrine was well organized and rituals were actively executed. Today there is an enthusiastic faith of the common people as God of Fukutokunami, business shochang. The festival that celebrates the Lord of the Lake Ashikawa, the Lord of the Lake Ashikaga, called Mitarai pond, since ancient times, and praises the Kindein of Nine-headed Dragon Meishin, and thanks for water gratitude is the Lake Festival of Hakone Shrine However, it is natural that it is the same as the festival held at this shrine, even though it is the offshore area of ​​the shrine in front of the Shinto shrine, which is the most important missionary priest on Mt. This festival, which is carried out as it is with the old hand gestures, following the story of the Masamaki Kamikaze who had surrendered the nine-head dragon, is an important festival that tells the origin of the shrine&39;s foundation, but also the Mihito superstitute who fainted Ryujin He is also a great psychic religionist. Therefore, the name of the superior is a literary student who has read the book of Manning volumes because of his lack of study books, but the superior was born in Tenpyo Katsura throughout the year, after the shrine temple of Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki prefecture was built, After passing through the mountains and practicing unrepentantly, I was caught Hakone Shrine. It is a priest of those days and I am respected with the founder of Chunxing. Hakone-machi Hakone-machi Inui Hakone shrine telephone 0460-3-7123 (substitution)


auto-translate 从龙神社的头,最重要的是,你的神殿九个马画龙明神之一,一年一度的节日日期六月十三天的电影节所有的每月十三日每月的节日,供奉土地箱根町元箱根形和田卢武铉角1101,古老的神社是的起源,远奈良时代的过去,天平宝宇元元年(757)箱根YorozuMaki圣人已经Hosen的神社当前位置Chobuku九米头牛龙说已经给了居民的伤害,在那个时候,节日然后因为龙,是来到祭湖进行取的开口。该中心是合一佛教尤其是修验道的老箱根权现,但那些神殿的是它与第六天堂公司,如堂岛弁和Minokasa明神,明治维新废除自此修验道一起获得了强有力的信心共享的战士牧师,ABS它一直伴随着偷偷的节日。您神社的精细is&39;re仪式来主动执行的是,近年来的。今天Fukutoku友好,我们热切的信念收到老百姓视为企业Hanjo的神。而Hosan他的芦之湖箱根权现,已被称为御手洗的池塘主和9条狗龙明神从远古时代,一个节,Hosha浇灌箱根神社的好意湖节(七神圣美德31天斋行)有,但节日的仪式中最重要的湖泊神秘感,这也是从它看到投入悟空午夜眼的地方就是之前的神社的海上,它是自然与神社一年一度的节日,以同意。 YorozuMaki圣人之后的故事,这是Chobuku九头牛龙,这个节日被执行,因为它是旧的手势是告诉神社基础的起源的一个重要节日,YorozuMaki圣人已经Chobuku镇斎龙也也是一个伟大的精神的宗教。因此,圣人的名字是一个勤奋的人下旬已经通过YorozuMaki的Keisho被读取,圣人天平胜宝年,竖立茨城县鹿岛神宫的Jinguuji后,三年前来的人Usune山,专心的结束练习苦修闷响山,一直是节日箱根神社。它一直是其与Keigyo的复苏在明显的时间:。箱根町元箱根803箱根神社在手机0460-3-7123(模具)


一、御祭神 九頭龍明神
一、例祭日 六月十三日 大祭
  毎月十三日 月次祭
一、鎮座地 箱根町元箱根字和田ノ角一一〇
一、由緒 当神社の起源は、遠く奈良時代の昔、天平宝宇元年(757)箱根神社 を現在地に奉遷された萬巻上人 が当時住民に損害を與えていた九頭龍を調伏、その後龍神としてまつり、湖水祭が執りおこなわれるようになったのが始まりです。


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