auto-translate Illustrated map of Hokkaido 【 IDA River-Kameyama-Juku]
-Sea Temple Hondo directed cult part is Kato door turtle Lord Ishikawa House in served as the Chief retainer of the profession, and reassembled. Prostrations Kato House change Fuji crest on the front.
Now, Kato Homestead track tranditional and part of storehouse, the main house is now obsolete.
-Shangri-La Hotel, Reportedly small shrine called "Shangri-La," since ancient times, keeping children from plague caused people to travel the Tokaido road.
"Tokai road minutes total drawings" that crotch tool God is written.
-WADA signpost From the Tokaido Kobe, Albino, and is built in the branches towards the Wakamatsu (Suzuka) signpost.
There are inscriptions 0/1690 (1,690), has been designated City cultural Prefecture Tokaido zaimei signpost in the oldest one.
-WADA marks milestone From the ishigami temple near modern to Kameyama-Juku had pine trees. Today, pine trees, one has not, WADA milestone also disappeared by the road expansion.
Currently the schematic restored near the former site of milestone.
-Taniguchi Ecstasy subject Tower From the old "binges jizo" and known. Erected by Taniguchi Ecstasy is a Lotus believer of Kyoto, in the mid-Edo period along with the clan around the temple and along the road subject of numerous towers erected (cultural assets).
Furthermore, in the city subject towers to the West junction of Seki-Juku.
● ishigami Temple 0/796 (796) in Grand Slams (NARA) Nuno Township of Dragon dream told the new Kumano three companies to WADA, was founded as the is said. Kumano mountains daigongen * * and still retains a small document between the northern and Southern Dynasties era through 20 from donations in the Hōjō tokiyori 0/1259 (1259), Kamakura period. The ancient 0/1954 prefectural cultural property is provided in.

(Deposited in the History Museum)
-IDA River chausuyama burial mounds trail Associated with the construction of the residential complex in late ancient tomb with hollow stone kiln excavation unearthed numerous grave goods, such as armour and harness the mirror. Findings from this important discovery to unravel the acceptance of culture to the region from the middle of the Kofun period.

Unfortunately, on the way to the historic site designation formerly was destroyed, does not come to the understanding of the whole picture.
-Kawai sticks dance "Kanko dance" and reportedly was called, was started as a dance for rain and harvest from about 700 years ago. Characterized by sticks drumsticks, not hitting with his bare hands, still has been enshrined in the months of August and October every year.

0/1963 the specified city intangible folk cultural property.
-Kofun ijiri 54-metre mound, considered the construction of the first half of the 6th century.
Along with Suzuka King mounds across the River, is seen as one of the tombs in this area in the late Kofun period. Production: Kameyama


auto-translate 北海道 【 IDA 河-龟山-补习] 地图插图

杭多针对邪教部分是的加藤门龟耶和华石川殿中担任首席固定的职业,并重新组装。 叩头加藤房子改变富士顶在前面。 现在,加藤宅基地轨道传统和库的一部分,主要房子现在是过时的。
据报道从古至今,被称为"香格里拉"的小神社保持儿童从瘟疫造成人们旅行的东海道道路。 "东海路分钟总图纸"那裆工具神是书面。
从东海道神户,白化,和建造在树枝上对松 (铃鹿) 路标。 还有题字 0/1690 (1,690),已被指定城市文化自治州东海道 zaimei 路标中历史最悠久之一。
从石上寺近现代到龟山补习有松树。 今天,松树,一个却没有,和田里程碑也消失了道路扩建。 目前示意图恢复附近旧址的里程碑。
从已知与老"暴饮暴食菩萨"。 竖立的谷口摇头丸是京都,莲花信徒中期江户时期随着氏族在寺庙附近和沿道路主题的许多竖立塔 (文化资产)。 此外,在城市主体塔至 Seki 补习西交界处。
● 砥上寺
0/796 (796) 在大满贯 (奈良) 努诺龙乡梦到和田,告诉新野三公司的前身是说。 熊野山 daigongen * * 并且至今仍是一个小的文档之间北部和南部的南北朝时代,通过从宝城江兆赖 0/1259年捐赠 20 (1259 年),镰仓时代。 在提供的古代 0/1954年全州文化属性。 (存放在历史博物馆)

-IDA 河 chausuyama 坟冢踪迹
中晚期古墓与空心石头的住宅小区的建设与相关窑发掘出土的众多的随葬品,盔甲和束镜子等。 从这一重要发现解开对该地区从中间的古坟时代的文化接受的结果。 不幸的是,历史古迹途中指定以前被破坏,不到整个画面的理解。

-Kawai 棍舞
"观光舞"据报道称,开始被作为为雨和收获从大约 700 年前的舞蹈。 以棍棒鸡腿,不打他赤手空拳,仍然所载的 8 月和 10 月每年。 0/1963年指定的城市无形民俗文化财产。

-坟 ijiri
54 米的土堆,考虑建设的第 6 个世纪上半年。 随着铃鹿王土墩隔江相望,被视为在这一领域陵墓之一坟后期。
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