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auto-translate Aizu clan clerk Numazawa Homestead trail Numazawa he supported the 葦名 House in the late Middle Ages as the heroism of the prestigious defense to distilled down to Hitachi sliding Uehara defeated at Lord, from Kashin and real through father and son left the Aizu. Then use the Gate House, also moved to Iwaki and the top would only wear his extermination intelligence. But the invasive sealed top Hoshina positive Hiroyuki.... in the heavens the Bishop's recommendation, in further 0/1643 Aizu utsf fifty years Buri went to Aizu.
Father real communication is already obscured, shigemichi President inawashiro Governers in the favor of 家禄 Sengoku clerk senior, words and deeds of the monks is collected as an exemplary sector religiousleader Nisshin Museum lessons written up. The bond between master and servant from the middle ages is early modern shichiro person lived in the Meiji era, and excavations Kaisha are four women remain in the mansion loyalty blood連判 a. m., Numazawa Prefecture Kun monument was erected, ezo ground battle, Edo Bay guard, Kyoto guardian posts contingency, also Dragon Boshin war, let alone continued to the present day. Shichiro by old fudai cooperation made adult and go to officialdom, Mitsuo Fujita Goro (former Shinsengumi Brigade Saito 1) Tatsuo adopted the Tokyo which the permanent home soon.
Over two years in the Numazawa, Masaru Ibuka, Yamashita House three families during the Pacific war, evacuation destination choose former fiefs swamp (currently, Onuma-gun kaneyama-machi Marsh), have deepened the bond between master and servant since the middle ages.
撰文 mountain 史談 Association President Watanabe ryozo
11/2007 Memories of Numazawa Izumo Association building,

auto-translate 津氏族秘书 Numazawa 宅基地踪迹
他支持葦名的 Numazawa 栋房子的但在中世纪晚期作为著名防御的英勇行为分成日立滑上原在主,从卡申和真正通过父子俩离开津击败。然后,使用门的房子,也搬到了磐和顶部只会穿他的灭绝智慧。但创密封顶星名积极裕之......在天上主教的建议,在进一步 0/1643 utsf 会津武里去会津的五十年。父亲真正的沟通已逐渐模糊,茂路方家禄仙谷由人文员高级、 言行的僧侣们的主席 inawashiro 调速收集作为模范部门宗教日进博物馆教训写出来。
主人和仆人从中世纪的纽带是早期现代七郎人住在明治时代,和挖掘株式会社是四个女人留在大厦的忠诚 blood連判 a.下午,Numazawa 自治州坤纪念碑建成、 虾夷地面战斗、 江户湾警卫、 京都卫员额应急、 还龙戊辰战争,遑论继续到今天。七郎由老富达合作向官场中的成人和去,三雄藤田五郎 (前剑客旅齐藤 1) 辰雄通过东京,很快就永久的家。在 Numazawa,井深大,两年内山下的房子三个家庭在太平洋战争中,疏散目的地选择前封地沼泽 (目前,大沼枪 kaneyama 町马什),加深了中世纪以来的主人和仆人的关系。
2007 年 11 月
Numazawa 云会馆大厦的回忆

会津藩 番頭沼澤家屋敷跡
 中世末期に武勇の名門として葦名家を支えた沼澤氏は、摺上原の敗戦で常陸へ落去する主君を守り、南光坊天海 らと実通父子は会津を去った。その後は鳥居家に使え磐城・最上へ移るも主君滅知で浪々の身となる。しかし最上を襲封した保科正之 に天界僧正の推挙で仕官、更に寛永二十年の会津移封で五十余年ぶりに会津へ帰った。父実通は既に没し、重道が家禄千石番頭上席の知遇で猪苗代城代も務め、歴代当主の言行は部門の亀鑑として日新館教訓書にまで収録されている。
撰文 金山史談会会長 渡邉 良三
沼澤出雲を偲ぶ会 建之


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