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タグ: 中山道 徳川秀忠 大久保長安 713 吉蘇路 小野新道 小笠原秀政 洗馬宿 塩尻宿 本山宿 1861 長野県 塩尻市



auto-translate On the Yoshiso Road opened at Yamago Motoyama Kotobuki 5th year (713), Motoyama was at an important position heading from Kiso Valley to Matsumoto. In the Middle Ages, the main mountain castle was built on the east peak, a village that became the prototype of the post office was formed at the foot of Mr. Motoyama&39;s Hall (in the vicinity of Honjin) and the Nemuro. In Sekigahara &39;s battle, the Tokugawa Hidetada army was landing in Motoyama on September 14th Kecho 5th day on the opening war. In the seventeenth year of Keicho (1602) where Nakasendo was enacted, Shogun Okubo headed for Shogunate head Okubo Chang&39;an opened Ono Shinto as a shortcut to Edo to carry out Kiso&39;s wood under the greatly-ordered command of Edo. This is the way from Sakurazawa to Ushigado Pass to Ono, Okaya · Shimosuwa. In the Keicho 18 years after the death of Chang&39;an after the death of Okubo Incident, Yasunaga Ishikawa, the lord of Matsumoto, was renewed and Hideyasu Ogasawara was enclosed. Hidemasu established the station system for the inn in Keio (1614), and set up a wholesaler in Motoyama inn. In addition, newly established Shimajiri Inn · Shiojiri Inn, the original road crossing Shiojiri Pass became Nakasendo. The wholesaler of Motoyama Inn ordered the Ono Shichiemon gate on the 15th day of the month and Kobayashi Hachiemon at the 15th, and made a half moon turn. Mr. Ono (later Mr. Hanamura) is doubling as Honjin in the upper wholesaler and Mr. Kobayashi continued to the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, as Mr. Kobayashi was crowded with Honjin. The main shrine is composed of upper towns, middle towns and downtowns from the south, and it consists of north-south length five towns (20 meters), road widths ranging from two to three, hundred and seventy-seven, Honjin one, Asako Honjin, , There were thirty-four booths. As a southern boundary of the Matsumoto clan, an oral letter address was set up, and railway reforms such as rice, salt, and women were carried out. The landing water was drawn into the mountain slope from the two souths of the south by a weir or dirt, and the water was passed through the center of the lodging place, and a bridge was hung on five places. Motoyama&39;s specialty abandonment was introduced to the customs declaration of the 3rd year of Hoei, "It can be overwhelmed by countries that leave from the Shinano County Inn and get away from home all the time". In addition, buckwheat flour and soba is delivered to various daimyo at Honjin. Goshiku first year (1861) On November 4, Motoyama Inn became the accommodation place of the Imperial Woman, married to the 14th generation general Shogun Tokugawa Iemi. Ten thousand people in Keio, 15,000 in Edo direction, 10,000 in guards such as Matsumoto clan, 80,000 in total, including assistant towns, traveled throughout the four days and became a prestigious lord of daimyo. Temporary huts such as two hundred thousand people and two hundred twenty thousands of horses were continued to the refinery, and it was reported that it was like daytime with lights of two thousand lanterns at night. On February 30, Keiji 4, at Mt. Nagakuji in Motoyama lodging, Matsumoto Domaineer Toda Mitsunori made a commendation to Higashiyama Military Governor Governor Governor Iwakura Norimono, but due to the delay in the attitude decision, 30,000 both war capital and weapons I was ordered to dispatch. It became the beginning of the Boshin war of Matsumoto clan.


auto-translate 在YoshiSo路建成山路店本山WADO五年(713),本山不得不从木曾谷朝松本重要的地位。在中世纪山城这是建立在东部登顶,村是本山的豪宅(本阵附近),在跑到形成的脚从Negoya后原型的小镇。在关原之战,德川秀忠军不得不Chakujin到本山在1600年九月战争的第十四天的日子。七年庆长是中山道的颁布(1602),幕府县长头钱根·古博江户大富信的命令的话下,为了携带木曾的木材,开了小野新路的捷径江户。这是小野屁从Sakurazawa的Ushikubitoge,是导致冈谷,下诹访的方式。宰后大久保事件的长安于1613年共谋,松本主安永石川是Kaieki,希德马萨·奥加萨沃拉是Nyufu。秀昌是1614年(1614),建立了Shukueki系统,定义在客栈本山批发商位置。除了新成立的洗马客栈,盐尻店,超越原来的Shiojiritoge成为中山道的路径。批发商的本山客栈,在一个月的时间小野7左卫门正月十五,十五日在Hachiemon小林被勒令下架,是一个半月形的变化。顶级批发商(花村先生后来)小野先生,现担任两个目的同方本阵,在批发商小林先生,现担任两个目的以及本阵,一直持续到江户时代结束。 Motoyamayado由来自南部上町,町,市区,长五町,二十(582米)的北部和南部之间,道路宽度在两间米马,单位117,本阵一个,除了数量的本阵之一,批发商2 ,这是Hatago餐厅34家。口馏分Bandokoro是作为松本家族,米,盐的南界,正在通过改革,如女人做。宿场水吸入从两个南部的沼泽堰Kakatoi的山坡,通过水在岗站的中间,土桥已经超过五个位置。本山的特产Sobakiri,在1706年海关本生介绍“如果Sobakiri当克鲁吹捧远近出比原来的信浓川本山客栈的国家”。在本阵,荞麦面粉和Sobakiri已提交领主。十一月四天,本山客栈成为住宿的地方公主Kazunomiya的Fumihisa元年(1861)嫁给了将军德川Iemochi十四代。 Kyokata一万,江户如何15000人,守着10000如汉·马萨摩托,共有八万人,包括助理乡镇的脚是在四天时间的方式,成为有史以来的大名矩阵。临时小屋,如助理乡两万,马二Senbiki是连续客栈西巴,据说晚上像灯笼两千件的光白天。 1868年月三十天Chokyuji客栈本山,松本主三诺里·托达一直帝国主义在东山道督军岩仓郡上承诺,因为姿态确定的延迟,三十万辆汽车的战争胸部和战术,而被下令出兵。它标志着戊辰松本家族的开始。

中山道 本山宿

 和銅五年(713)に開通した吉蘇路 において、本山は木曽谷から松本へ向かう重要な位置にあった。中世には東山頂に本山城が築かれ、ふもとに本山氏の館(本陣付近)や根小屋から宿場の原型となる集落が形成されていった。
 関ヶ原の戦では、徳川秀忠 軍が開戦当日の慶長五年九月十四日に本山に着陣していた。

 中山道 が制定された慶長七年(1602)、幕府代官頭大久保長安 は江戸の大普請の号令のもと、木曽の木材を搬出するため、江戸への近道として小野新道 をひらいた。これは桜沢から牛首峠をへて小野、岡谷・下諏訪へ至る道である。慶長十八年に長安の死後大久保事件の連座により、松本藩主石川康長が改易され、小笠原秀政 が入封した。秀政は慶長十九年(1614)、宿駅制度を整備し、本山宿に問屋職を定めた。また洗馬宿塩尻宿 を新設して、もとの塩尻峠超えの道筋が中山道となった。
 本山宿 の問屋は、一ケ月の上十五日を小野七左衛門に、下十五日を小林八右衛門に命じ、半月交代とした。上問屋は小野氏(後に花村氏)が脇本陣と兼帯し、下問屋は小林氏が本陣と兼帯し、幕末まで続いた。



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