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auto-translate 倉河 shore trail In Edo scenic vision ' and Kamakura, the moat outside the Tokiwa bridge sides than Bashi or even saying ' and there. Cascade Edo Sunago is also just "town of Kamakura, Kamakura was saying, your 堀bata rice multi'. The Tokyo guide "Shilin area around Kamakura town kanei 1624-43, along the Castle, Kamakura River and first-auction. 0/1682 ( 1682 ) fires after the first called Kamakura town. After the disaster of the 0/1799 ( 1799 ) moved out merchant, spreading the moat along the way, 0/1869 ( 1869 ) in Kamakura side street on the South side matsushiro, new leather shop town enclave prayer "and there.
Furthermore, Kamakura city in the current area of Kanda, 1-6, Japan 2-Chome 2.3 marks. 0/1929 ( 1590 ) Ieyasu immigration around early this river was in come together of commodities such as timber, thatching as well as food, such as fish and vegetable production. Also called with this name when the construction of Edo Castle from the Kamakura unloaded stone. After middle term Edo no weight as a water transport terminal, has been discharged more wood, bamboo, firewood, etc. Even in the Showa era was done unloading building materials. Also Edo period at a liquor store named this river toshimaya enough right Mamoru gate sale to Doll Festival baijiu was famous. Tourists entering, visitors come to encompass the issuance had, said that there were visitors to 絶倒 are people.
This store was on the banks of the River until the war in Kanda, still are.
3/1976 Chiyoda-ku, Education Committee

auto-translate 倉河岸边步道
在江户景区视觉 '和镰仓,常盘桥边比巴士或者甚至说外的护城河里' 还有。叶栅江户砂后也只是"镰仓镰仓镇所说的你堀bata 水稻多 '。东京指南"石林区周围镰仓镇兼井 1624年-43,沿城堡、 镰仓河和第一次拍卖。0/1682年 1682年) 火灾后第一次被称为镰仓镇。0/1799年 1799年) 灾难搬出商人后,新的皮革传播一路走来,0/1869年 1869年) 在镰仓侧街南一边松代,护城河店镇飞地祷告",那里的。此外,镰仓市神田,1-6,当前地区日本 2 丁目 2.3 标志。
0/1929年 1590年) 德川家康移民周围早期这条河是在走到一起的商品,例如木材,茅草屋顶以及食物,如鱼和蔬菜生产。也称为具有此名称的江户城堡从镰仓施工卸石头的时候。中东长期江户没有作为水上交通枢纽的重量后,一直排出更多的木、 竹、 木柴等。即使是在昭和时代进行装卸建筑材料。此外在命名此河 toshimaya 一个酒品店的江户时代售予娃娃节白酒足够右卫门是著名。游客进入,访客来包括印发了,说是游客到絶倒人。这家店是这条河河畔直到在神田,仍是战争。
3/1976 年



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